Jr. Pac-man finished!

It took me another four days of jockeying around, but I finally finished the Jr. Pac-man late late tonight.

Here is what I ended up doing…

I had some short white power coating shelf brackets from Lowe’s.

Monitor Mount Lowe's Small Shelving Bracket(s)

I had to size those up and cut them down. Then, I went and got 8 bolts, nuts, and washers the same size based on the holes in the old Pac-man brackets I have. I drew where the holes should be coming from the side brackets mounted in the cab, and realized that the holes there were smaller and that would require smaller bolts.

I drilled the smaller holes and then made a definite decision that the brackets needed to be painted, so I did just that in black.

I went and exchanged four of the bolts for the smaller ones, I really didn’t need the extra hardware even though the savings of .21 cents was barely worth my time.

Then, I drilled the larger holes for the monitor bolts and mounted those to the monitor. I put the monitor in to test things out, and my holes were off center, so I had to take the monitor back out. No easy feat, mind you, because I cut the brackets so close, that I didn’t take into consideration the wood that was mounted towards the back on the inside of the cabinet. I was able to tip the really heavy monitor sideways enough to get the first mount in, but I had to unscrew one of the bolts to be able to jocket the monitor into place and reattach it after I was done.

The centering isn’t perfect, but it is pretty close. I put a second set of larger holes in the brackets. I also figured out somewhere along the line that I needed larger holes for the smaller bolts, so I had to drill those larger as well.

Monitor Brackets Painted Black and Mounted

Then, when I tried to bolt down the smaller ones, my holes were a touch off on back, so the bolt goes in crooked.

But, it is finished now. The Jr. Pac-man monitor is mounted, it looks awesome, plays awesome, and I am pumped. Now to enjoy finally enjoy the game after the long journey to get it here and working:)

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