Pac-man Kickplate Dimensions

Somewhere in the middle of studying this week, I managed to take some quick dimensions for my Pac-man kickplate. These are the dimensions I got, and will work from when designing the custom “Glob” kickplate with all of the character artwork I vectorized.

Midway Pac-man Kickplate Dimensions for Custom Glob Kickplate Artwork

~Note / Update: The measurements I took for the bottom portion range anywhere from 18 & 5/16″ to 18 & 8/16″. I actually measured 18.375, but the total top to bottom measurement I took didn’t agree with the total added measurement of all of the objects.

For this case, I think that fraction of an inch won’t make a difference, I won’t put important artwork at the bottom. But for your own uses you might want to keep that in mind, especially if you would build your own Midway cab.

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