Board Cutting, Studying and Ocktoberfest

Paul was supposed to be over at 10 am to help me cut out a board to mount a monitor in the Tetris. He was on time on the dot.

I took us about an hour and a half, with all of the “try it again’s”, putting the board in the machine, and then putting the heavy old monitor through the opening to make sure it would fit. A lot of times we had to shave parts down, most of the extra cuts were to accommodate the screws on the sides of the monitor frame.

After Paul left, Sarah and I took Nokes on a walk. (Non Lifting day :)) We had a quick lunch when we got back and then started my day of focus. I studied for a good part of the day, two and a half hours to be exact. I would study for an hour and then take a break. An hour on, 20-30 minutes off. For breaks I would watch Scrubs, or play some Jr. Pac-man. I even chatted with Chris for a little while.

Sarah spent the day cleaning. She organized stuff in the family room, cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry, and kept reading the Harry Potter book. She is getting closer, I would say she is about half of the way through it, and I believe this is the last book. At about 4 pm she went out to the store to do some shipping, and get some food to make for tonight’s party. She didn’t get back until close to 6, apparently she had some problems. We worked together to try to get the cheesy potatoes made. The Revive part was at 6:30, but we didn’t get there until almost 8 pm I think.

Turnout was good for the event, mostly the regular crowd except for Emily who was home with her friend Sean for the weekend. She got a new car and we checked that out. But about half way into the party there was a mass exodus of about 5-6 people. The rest of us played a game of hearts and had a laugh until just before 11 when we all headed home.

I tried to watch some of the Rockies game when I got home. I saw Matt Holliday hit a 3-run homer that put Colorado within 1 run, but fell asleep and missed the whooping that Boston put on in the later innings.

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