Girls night out, guys night in.

Right after work I got over to the gym and met up with Dave. Today was Sarah’s last day of her fall break, and she was spending it with Kim, being a great friend and helping her make it to the mall to take care of some things, including the baby announcements.

I picked up a meat stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy’s and headed home. Sarah got home soon after, and we had just enough time to do some cleaning up and such before Wes and Kate got there. Kate and Sarah rode together over to Sarah’s for a girls night, Wes and I hung out and did the guy thing. Tonight, the guy thing consisted of pizza, drinks, and playing a ton of Jr. Pac-man. I had wanted to do some work on some things in the garage with Wes’ help, but that didn’t work out. Just as well, we had a great time talking and hanging out.

My parents arrived at about 8:45, so we entertained, helped unload, etc. until the girls got back. Then everyone headed downstairs for some more Jr. and Ms. Pac-man playing.

After Wes and Kate left, we all played a round of Euker before I got to bed at a decent hour. Saturday is my practice exam, and although I didn’t get to study tonight, I am as prepared as I should be. The test is supposed to find my weak areas to help me study more, not to pass with flying colors. (Although that would be nice.)

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