Indianapolis testing centers and time tables for the GMAT

Found out today some information for the next step. I don’t have to have taken the GMAT before I submit my application, but I have to have an estimated time frame that I anticipate I will.

I found it a touch difficult finding information about the testing centers in Indianapolis. Apparently there is only one location in all of the city? It is on the northside, by the pyramids, and the testing is done by Pearson.

But, there are two positive things. It appears that tests are given on almost a daily basis. So, as long as I choose enough in advance my options aren’t too limited. Plus, I found out that the largest amount of lead time I would need is 20 days. That is the maximum amount of time that it should take them to grade the test and have it in the hands of the university of choice.

I figure that if I get the exam in sometime in late November, I should be right on track. I am eyeing the 17th, a Saturday, which after I take the practice exam would give me one month of crazy work to study and prepare for the exam and then hopefully be done with it. That isn’t too long of a time to endure.

Supposedly everything you need is at MBA.com. The site is nicely designed, and is very informative. I don’t know why I found it so hard to believe that the only testing location in Indianapolis is the Pearson location. I had to sign up on the website to have access to most of the information, and it was a lengthy process. I knew that I would be using the site more than likely as I went through this process so it was worthwhile.

I just wish this was spelled out a little more in most university literature.

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