Halloween reveal of Two-Face at Why So Serious.com?

Late last week I had seen posts about Why So Serious.com pop up on my radar. If you remember, this is the website that has had a couple of different “Dark Knight” viral marketing campaigns.

The newest addition was a Joker Jack-o-latern, with a creepy grin and a burning candle. I visited the site and didn’t think too much of it.

But then, the Joker pumpkin’s candle kept burning further and further down, and it was obvious something was going to happen. What new inside bit would we see about The Dark Knight movie coming up.

Well, on Friday and over the weekend, the pumpkin started to rot! I know it sound stupid to get so excited, but for a Batman geek this is a big deal. All of us are excited about Christopher Nolan’s treatment of Batman, and all of the photos of the movie we have seen so far. We’ve already seen the joker, and Heath Ledger looks awesome. But what about an image of Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face?

Why So Serious Joker Pumpkin Progression

Here are some progression images showing the original pumpkings, and then the pumpkin rotting on only one side. The pace of the changes makes it appears as if the final reveal will take place on Halloween. How cool, something for the geeky comic book legions to look forward to!

(I know this is mostly re-regurgitating information from a ton of blogs, like HollywoodChicago…but not all of my readers visit those sites:)

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It’s not a Joker grin – it’s the bat symbol. That probably makes it a neutral pumpkin, which leads me to think your Two-Face idea is right on.

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I have watched this viral campaign from the beginning, and yet I never noticed that the pumpkin mouth was a bat symbol. What kind of Dark Knight fan am I?

Thanks for pointing that out. That is what makes this type of advertising great, the simplicity mixed with subtle details.

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its harvey’s face begining and then the end where he becomes two face

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Aaron Eckhart, while not as rich of an acting performance as Heath Ledger, turns in a character that is true to the lore of Two-Face, a flawed character driven by rage and revenge and a flawed sense of ‘fair’.

You have never seen a face done anywhere near as gruesome on the big screen as this Two-Face. The coin, the acquisition of the name, and the ‘origin’ of his burns are all logical and flowing. The whole story is perfectly woven together. And we get just enough of Two-Face in The Dark Knight that makes him the most tragic villian.

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