Pengo CPO Scanned

I decided last night that I would be a little more pro-active about the Pengo control panel overlay scan.

I took my control panel off of my Pengo, gave it a much needed scrub down with some citrus cleaner (hadn’t been done since I purchased the Pengo game about 15 months ago) and then I scanned the artwork in and pieced it back together.

Pengo Control Panel Overlay Scan

This way, if I never hear back on my email about another Pengo CPO NOS scan, I have this one, and it has great detail at 600 DPI for the original scan, downsampled to 300 DPI for tracing.

I did notice looking through my found image files of Pengo control panels that there was another version. There was a second Pengo CPO that had a numeral “I” and “II” for the player buttons, and it had Pengo pushing the ice blocks into the sno bees. I actually like this Pengo overlay version better, but don’t know how rare it is. (I will try to post the file of this NOS Pengo overlay when I can.)

Does anyone know anything about this Pengo overlay, or have a example applied to their Sega Pengo game?

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Glad you are working on this. If I end up getting a Pengo I’d be interested in repro art. Are you going to do the bezel too? I didn’t see you mention that on KLOV.com. I agree that this shouldn’t be done via inkjet.

As for the variations, I don’t really now anything about them. But…they are probably both original. You can see your version here:

And the alternate here:

If the dates are right on those flyers, the one you have was released in ’82, and the one with the roman numerals was in ’83.

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Jamie, thanks for the links.

It even looks like there were different bezels for Pengo. So two different versions of the marquees, bezels, and cpo’s. Pretty cool that there was a variety of artwork, since the kickplate didn’t have anything and the sides weren’t fulled utilized.

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I didn’t even look at the bezel or the marquee. I think overall I like the one in the 2nd flyer better, especially the marquee.

I don’t get emails when you reply to a comment on your site. Is that normal?

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I heard back from Dawn today from Appolo, and this is what she had to say.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, things have been crazy.

Sorry to say we no longer have the Pengo CPO, we traded that a few years ago. You may want to check with ArcadeShop, PhoenixArcade or QuarterArcade to see if they have any plans on reproducing this or if they know if it was done already.

It was good instincts to go ahead and scan mine. It’s a null conversation now, because I have scans of both of Pengo control panel versions.

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