Acquired Sinistar Marquee

Not a lot of time today to do my daily arcade post, so I thought I would show off my acquisition from last week.

Williams Sinistar Marquee

Met with another collector, and he gave me a Williams Sinistar marquee as a trade of sorts for some web services. He got a stack of Sinistar’s marquees earlier this year at one of the Indianapolis, IN USAmusement arcade auctions for a pretty great deal. Made me wish I had paid attention to those opening auctions where they sell of that pile of stuff on the folding table.

I really like Sinistar, but I have only ever played it on playstation. I haven’t ever played a real Williams UR Sinistar at another collectors house. Still looking for an arcade collector that is fairly close by that I can try Sinistar out as it was played in the day.

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