Zookeeper Sideart Stencils

Taito Zookeeper Sideart Vector TraceThere was a topic recently on klov about someone wanting to get the sideart from the Taito arcade game Zookeeper vectorized so that they could make stencils.

I posted on the Zookeeper Stencils topic, mentioning that I could do the vectors, but I wanted to see the sideart scan to see how complex the artwork was. The Zookeeper artwork is very complex, with all of the little splatters, and the irregular line work. I posted on the topic asking how bad the party wanted the vector tracing of the sideart, but I never heard back.

I was surfing the other night and came across VectorZorg’s artwork again, and noticed that he had about 70% of the Zookeeper artwork already vectorized. The only part he didn’t have finished was the splatters on the sideart.

So I emailed him and started a dialog to see if I could get a copy of the file that he had and finish the remaining splatter effects. He emailed me back asking who was interested in the Taito Zookeeper Stencils, and I sent him a link to the thread.

You can see a larger version of the Zookeeper sideart if you click the thumbnail. I just took this from VectorZorg’s website. I’ll post any updates if I get them here first.

Update Nov. 18, 2008
Due to some unforseen health issues, Brian Jones has some time on his hands and it appears as if he is about one hour or two into finishing up this piece of vector artwork. All that was left were all the little textured blobs on the bricks, moon and everywhere else.

My guess is that stencils for re-painting Zookeeper artwork will be available sometime in late January of 2008 if not sooner. Will keep you posted as I find out more.

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I’m dying to see this done! ZK is my favorite classic game to play today!

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I hope we can get these Zookeeper stencils done also. There has been a lot of talk about them on the klov forums. The guy who did the original scan, who I don’t even know who that is, didn’t want the scan made available to everyone. The guy who did most of the vector trace of the Zookeeper that I posted about here, emailed me back, and posted on the forum about possibly passing the artwork on to finish.

I will have to keep you posted as things progress. I hope we can get it worked out, and will email you if we do.

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Yes, the guy that did most of the vector trace contacted me and wishes to be paid for the trace to date 🙁 Dunno why everything else gets posted for the world but for some reason zookeeper gets held hostage.

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That is kind of why I offered to do some sort of trade with him. He could get a piece of vector art that I did that isn’t available somewhere else, and we could get a copy of the Zookeeper trace unfinished to date.

I wish he would have emailed me back and told me yes or no. I also am a little surprised, I supplied him with a piece of art no questions asked a while back. I guess that doesn’t hold any weight, I’ll have to remember that.

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You guys know of VectorMagic right? Much better than any other voector tracing software I have ever used:


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I do know about this online software. I tried it when it first came out, a better automated vectorizing option, but still not nearly good enough. Last I heard, Vector Magic is also now a paid service…

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