Pengo CPO Vector Update 3 – Tracing Complete!

Today I had a chance to finish up the “eskimos” Pengo control panel overlay. Here is the small image of what it looks like;

Pengo Control Panel Overlay Eskimos

From my original to-do list, here is what is left on this vector control panel;

Pengo Pushing Block Detail Differences

1. The Upper Right Pengo and Sno-Bee are a mirror of the left side. The artwork is a touch different as well, take a look at the circled portions (Click photo for larger Pengo detail image). Mostly differences in the motion lines by the Sno-Bee. If I do a retrace, it won’t be just on the partial sections, but over the whole piece. I will have to take votes on what people think and whether I should trace the right side as well.

To me, the original intent was probably to have the Pengo artwork be the exact same, but the methods to do so were a little difficult to be exact. I would leave it if it was up to me, but you guys will be buying the Pengo reprodutions, and I want you all to be happy. I can kind of guess what your thoughts are going to be. Voice your opinion in the comments section below.

Sno-Bee Registration Issue

2. I think there are some color separation discrepancies from the original control panel overlay. Click on the photo below for a larger version. The Sno-Bee on the left is from the upper left on the control panel overlay, the Sno-Bee on the right is from the Pengo Bezel. I think that the eyelid on the control panel overlay (on the left) should be solid purple, just like the eyelid on the right is solid red. I want to hear what you think, leave comments below. If I don’t hear anything, I am going to fill in the Sno-Bee eyelid with purple.

I ended up matching the font used in the text on the Pengo control panel to be Helvetica. This is a pretty standard font used in many old arcade games when talking about instruction text, so I tend to do a comparison with Helvetica first before trying other methods to match the font.

Next piece of Pengo artwork to vectorize?

I would like to hear from people on what piece of Pengo artwork I should move onto next…

1. The standing version of the Pengo Marquee?

Sega Pengo Marquee Standing Version

2. The “Numerals” version of the Pengo control panel overlay?

Pengo Control Panel Overlay Version 2

3. Or should I work on tracing the Pengo Bezel?

Pengo Bezel Scan

Leave your comments below by listing the number of the Pengo artwork you think I should tackle next.

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Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the final results.

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For the next trace, I’d say #3.

For the color separation question…if it was originally like that on more than one control panel, I would keep it that way and not correct it. If yours was a misalignment and others are not like that then I would fix it.

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I vote solid. the beak and leg also show this off regestration on this piece.
just because that cpo scan was off dos not mean they were all off for that run. thats one of the things that make screenprinted pieces unique each one is slight and somewhat different in some small slight way.
The larger graphics are usally a clue how it should be as they are generally the same image just resized.
Keep up the great work Jeff.

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I would say trace #3
then#1 and finally#2
by tracing #s 3 and1 first at least you would have a complete set of art for the game. I do prefer the overlay with the roman numerals personally but if I recall you were having trouble finding an accurate scan.
As for the snobee eyelid color I would lean toward what ever was original but it’s not a huge detail so it wouldn’t bother me either way.

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Darin, thanks for the kind words. Coming from you this means a ton because of the quality of your work.

Jamie and Rich – Thanks for the input. I am still leaning towards agreeing with Rich’s opinion, that they are all different and think this is route I am going to go. What you are saying is right, Jamie…if I hear an overwhelming response on this post that all of the CPO’s were that way, maybe I’ll go the other way.

I feel like the eyelid is a small detail, but I like to attention to the artwork details. That is what makes a repro, even though this is my first that I am handling. (Professor Pac was the first that was produced…)

I will take on the Bezel next, and hope that Troy Akey chooses to do a different reproduction project from his list of six. I just don’t want to have one set of CPO repro’s done and then another. I do have a hi-res scan now of the numerals overlay, stitched together and ready to go.

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Another comment;

Hi Jeff, are you the one doing the pengo repros? if so.. nice job. I definitely want to get a full kit of those when your finished. Pengo is one of my favorite games of all time..although I don’t have a dedicated one right now (I do have the pac/ms pac 96 game kit/hack that has pengo) I definitely want to get a pengo at some point!

anyway nice work!

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looking to get bezel and side art do you sell them thanks scott 402-223-3867

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They don't exist. Make sure to do a search on the site, here is one post about the Pengo Bezel Artwork.

Sales weren't good on the CPOs. Buy a CPO to help hit the targets and the other artwork pieces might be reproduced.

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