Winter Indianapolis USAmusements Auction January 2008

I was pretty bummed that I didn’t make it to the Indianapolis USAmusements arcade game auction for the first time in a year and a half. But, with an opportunity like the Tiger Fantasy Spring Baseball Camp, I had to make an exception.

I asked Mike if he could take photos and prices of the arcade games, and like a peach, he came through. Huge nod to Mike, thanks so much.

All that he had to say was that there weren’t a ton of items there, as you will see from the photos, and everything got to be really expensive, especially the typical items like the Ms. Pacman(s) and the Galaga(s).

Maybe March will be better. I was just glad that two of the games I have been waiting to pop up here didn’t come when I left, an Xevious and / or a Mappy.

Golden Tee, NFL Blitz 99, Lethal EnforcersGolden Tee 2K, Beach Head 2000, X-Men Children Of The AtomEA Sports Madden Football, Egg Venture, Big Buck HunterGolden Tee, NFL Blitz 99, Lethal EnforcersLethal Weapon 3 $700, Time Machine $600, X-Files $825, Lethal Weapon 3 $650, Nighmare On Elm Street $625?, Fish Tales $1400, Demolition Man $900, Party Zone $700, Jurassic Park $1050Rush The Rock, Cruisin USAGalaga mini $370, Ms. Pac $390Multicade 19in1 $370, Super Hangon $160, 2 player WWF Wrestlefest $200Ms. Pac - rough cab won’t power $350, Final Fight - nice cab but not working $85, Mutant Fighter, Street Fighter Champ $105Final Fight - nice cab but not working $85, Mutant Fighter, Street Fighter Champ $105Arkanoid - not working rough $140, Galaga - $575Ms. Pac $450, 4 player WWF Wrestlefest $85Cisco Heat $100, Arkanoid working $95, Aero Fighter non working $10Bad Dudes $65, Ultimate tennis $85, Neo Geo 2 slot $215, Deer/Turkey Hunt $360Sega Virtual Fighter non working $60, GT97 non working $180, Maximum Force $245, Iron Man Off Road $125Arkanoid working $95, Aero Fighter non working $10, Bad Dudes $65Galaga $575, Ms. Pac $450Final Fight $85.00, Mutant Fighter, Street Fighter Champ $105

Here is a list of the pinballs not pictured above that were at the auction with prices;

  • Championship Pub – $1850
  • World Cup Soccer – $1000
  • Kick Off (Bally EM) – $250
  • Theatre of Magic – $2100
  • NBA Fastbreak – $750
  • Monopoly – $1850
  • Gladiator – $675
  • Goldeneye – $975
  • Jurassic Park – $800
  • SpaceJam – $725
  • Dracula – $1000
  • Congo – $950
  • Tales from the Crypt – $875
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