Pengo Bezel Artwork Update

It’s been awhile. There is still a lot to do on the Pengo artwork package before it can be printed, lots of small details.

The first of those details I wanted to tackle tonight was the inside flaps of the cardboard Pengo bezel. On Mr. Do!’s Pengo Bezel scan that I am using to base my vector artwork, the inside flaps were left pointing backwards. This makes sense, the bezel was going to be cleaned up and used for Mame purposes. But to reproduce proper bezel artwork, we need every little piece and don’t want to make any part of those ice mountains up.

So, in four pieces, I scanned my Pengo bezel flap corners. Here is the original bezel scan;

Sega's Pengo Bezel

And here is the original Pengo bezel with those scanned corners added;

Sega's Pengo Bezel Scanned Flaps

It took me another little bit to adjust the artwork and add those pieces in. Here is the Pengo bezel looking more finalized all the time;

Sega's Pengo Bezel Vectored Flaps
What’s next on the Pengo Bezel?

I need to renew my conversation with Rich about how to achieve the half tone pattern / gradient in on the cardboard print. How do I prep that for print? Do I make up the dot pattern myself, or is there some sort of specific process?

I also need to try some color matching. I will take the Pengo bezel into work next week and see if I can use the Pantone book next door to approximate those colors. Here are the PMS (Pantone) colors I came up with after I finished color matching the Pengo Bezel.

In December, I wasn’t aware that each piece of vector artwork needed to have a small amount of bleed added. I need to go back and add a bleed to this piece of artwork, and every other piece I have done, including the marquees, control panel overlays, and sideart. Part of the reason why I haven’t done anything:) Lots of little witty sno bitty details to finalize.

Thanks all for the continued interest. Taking Graduate classes makes vectorizing and taking on reproduction projects difficult. Especially ones done for love and not money.

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I’m ready to buy two sets (Side Art and CPO) when you’re done 🙂

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Looks good. Sitting patiently and waiting for a side art reproduction. 🙂

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Thanks for your work on this.

Scott C.

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Yeah, this has been fun to watch as you’ve progressed. I don’t have a Pengo, but it’s nice to know if I should ever come across one that there’s a source for repro art up and coming.

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I feel like although there may not be as much of a need for Pengo reproduction art as there is a Star Wars or Baby Pac-man, I have found over the last five months there is quite a following that is passionate about Pengo.

Ignoring the fact that it is on the top five games on Klov listed for women:)

I got color matching done yesterday for the Pengo bezel. Now it is onto separating colors and adding bleed for the Pengo sideart file.

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I am interested in the cardboard bezel as well. It is 2010 now, has there been any progress on this? I would love to see this go into production.


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If someone is willing to finance the Pengo Bezel project (Most projects run a couple thousand) and wants to coordinate selling them the artwork is ready to roll.

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