Breaking News: Joymonkey’s Ms. Pac-man Stencil files online at Local Arcade

Call me more informed. Now that it has been nearly seven months, I thought the collecting community probably wouldn’t ever have access to Paul Murphy’s (Joymonkey) Ms. Pac-man stencil files. But I was wrong. Today Paul put the Ms. Pac-man stencil files that he built using scanned art, traced and fabricated from scratch, online at Local Arcade.com.

Ms. Pac-man Stencil Artwork Files

Disclaimer: Remember, these Ms. Pac-man stencil files are only for those of you who already own a Ms. Pac-man cabinet that needs restoring. For you pirates out there who will take these files and use them for your own profit – beware, you might just be the next PC Amusements and be at the receiving end of a Namco fueled Normandy like assault on your facilities.

What do I do with the Ms. Pac-man stencil PDF?

This Ms. Pac-man PDF artwork file is ready for production. The different stencil colors are separated into layers and your dimensions are noted. The artwork is 1/10th the scale, and the actual physical dimensions are included in the PDf as well. All you should have to do is hand this off to a print shop, tell them about the scale and to look for those dimensions, and they can make you a set of vinyl stencils, 9 total (three pieces of artwork, three colors each) for the side and kickplate of your Ms. Pac-man cabinet. Paul makes note in the Local Arcade description says the artwork file isn’t 100% accurate, but being an artist myself, I know that we are rarely satisfied with our own work. This Ms. Pac-man file is about as accurate of a stencil that has ever been made available to the public and rest assured, if there are any small inconsistencies, you probably won’t even be able to find them.

I would guess that this means that Paul is done with the Ms. Pac-man project and making stencils for your own cabinet is now in your own hands. But jeeze, make sure to thank Paul for what a resource he is, just shoot him an email thanking him and leave it at that. Paul has probably donated anywhere from 50-150 hours total between the Ms. Pac-man stencils project, and the Retro Blast website design alone, if not more. It would be a shame if people took advantage of his good will, so if you have some time to give some appreciation and can drop Paul a line that would be great.

Thanks again Paul. You heard it first at Rotheblog.com.

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Where can I find the files now that local arcade is down? Are they available anywhere?

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Look for Zorg's mirror, he is a guy in France, passionate about artwork, and kept up a number of the local arcade vector artwork files.

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Are these Stencil’s still available? The link to Paul’s website is out. I just got a Ms. Pacman from my grandfathers old barn and someone painted the whole machine black.
I would like to get it back to the original box if possible.

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The stencil file is temporarily located on Zorg’s vector arcade artwork library.

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