It’s Aaron Eckhart as Two Face! (Image)

Warner Brothers is frantically sending C&D’s to websites over a certain image of Aaron Eckhart’s damaged face as Two Face. If you search ‘Two Face Concept Art’, you’ll be able to get more of the story. Typically I don’t like to repost content, but I had such a hard time finding photos / images of Two Face from The Dark Knight that I wanted everyone to be able to find and see Two-Face, even those who aren’t searching for ‘concept art’ from the Batman movie.

Two Face Aaron Eckhart Concept Image

Gruesome, but I love it, whether this is the final version in the movie or not. Realistic and horrifying all at the same time, I respect Nolan’s attention to interpretation and how it relates to the audience’s empathy. I will admit, at the time, I though that visually Two-Face in Batman Forever visually was acceptable. Joel Schumaker was a tool who never respected the history and lore of Batman, and therefore never careda about truly developing Two Face / Harvey Dent as a character in a Batman movie. But I am giddy about Christopher Nolan’s take on The Dark Knight and Two Face this summer. All problems aside if Joker does create Two Face, and if he truly is lit on fire like the new trailer shows, I believe the story will be beyond memorable.

In all of Batman lore, the story of the relationship of Batman Bruce Wayne – Two-Face Harvey Dent, is one of the most powerful and should be respected. Harvey Dent is a good hearted man who wants the best for the city, but by no true fault of his own is destroyed by the criminals of Gotham. Bruce and Harvey are friends and common crusaders for good, and therefore Bruce has a bleeding heart to help Harvey, to help him regain his life. But Harvey has always had a dark personality and the physical and psycological damage from the scarring is too much, splintering his psyche. Now what does Batman do? Sit by and watch Two Face destroy the remainder of his life, or try to help him? It is a constant struggle, and I think we’ll start to see that in this movie.

My only concern about the Dark Knight story is this. If Two Face does go after the Joker for revenge, is there more story for Two Face beyond this Batman film? Would he really still be a villian next time? Or would his whole purpose for being in the Dark Knight end with the potential demise of the Joker? I hope Two Face wages a more general war on crime from the darkest side of the law, and that the two stories may entertwine but not connect. Time will tell. Let’s just hope that it isn’t the predictable sort-of-bad-guy-teams-up-with-good-guy in the end like Spiderman 3. Nolan respects the fans too much for that.

Here was our first glimpse of Two Face, one of a couple of blurry photos broke by Dark Horizons from the Toy Fair in New York in February. Can we really tell from a blurry photo whether the scarring is from acid or fire? Not really.

Two Face Figure from New York Toy Fair
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He couldn’t have been lit on fire, look at his suit in both the concept art and the leaked action figure pics; it looks like acid damage.

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i think that they could've done a much better job on two face….or at least had him live longer or somethin…he killed a few meaningless cops and goons and then he gets tackled off of a building…what a real shitty way to go…he barely served a purpose…

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Two Face is certainly a larger character in the minds of fans for the role Nolan chose for him. I didn't mind him serving the story if it meant a smaller role, but I really think one of the strong aspects of the character is the long extended relationship with Bruce Wayne, and that was completely left out, which, although I don't know how it would have fit, is still a shame.

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I don’t think any assumption can be made about Two-Face’s origins from this summer’s Dark Knight movie based on a blurry photo of an action figure (photo now included above). Trailer’s are meant to hype and even mislead. The new Dark Knight trailer would make us think that Harvey Dent has his face burned off, but that can just be the cut. But making definitive judgements like “he couldn’t have been lit on fire” in the movie based on this photo from the New York Toy Fair from earlier in the year is frivolous. Nolan will choose whatever makes sense in the plot. I can’t see an accident with acid taking place, fire seems more logical, but Nolan does have a respect for the history so whatever treatment he gives Two Face in the Dark Knight, it will blend seamlessly with the story.

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Can I purchase a mask from Aaron Eckhart?

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This is a strange comment…I don’t even know how to answer it.

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hey the picture of two face looks awesome…..
i love it……..it looks very crazy looking…

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Did you see the movie? The Dark Knight? Talk about crazy, this is just a toy…

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