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Added Indianapolis Pinball Machine – Simpsons Pinball Party

I was surprised to find Simpsons Pinball Party at Tibbs Drive In instead of Austin Powers when I visited just a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, we kind of did the old switch aroo to watch the best movies, and the times I went into the concession stand, Simpsons was occupied. (more…)

Stencil a Ms. Pac-man Cabinet – Part 2

Too long in between tutorials, and it is completely my fault. But its finally time for part two of the re-stenciling your Ms. Pac-man tutorial. Wundercade has primed and painted his Ms. Pac-man and the cabinet looks beautiful so far. Let’s jump right in, starting with the tools you will need. (more…)

Added Indianapolis Pinball Location – Shelby Bowl

Found out last night that Shelby Bowl on Shelby street on the southside has a South Park pinball available for play. Check out the original ‘Play pinball in Indianapolis, Indiana‘ post for updated information.

Atari Command Free WordPress Theme

In late April 2008, I did a Donkey Kong themed WordPress layout with the intentions of making it into a free downloadable theme. However, as time passed, I realized that I didn’t want to give that theme away for free, so I attempted to make a more generic arcade game theme, on based on the games of Atari. (more…)

Pengo Bezel Color Separations

I’ve been in one mind set for the last couple of days since I finished the Atari Football sideart and Mappy kickplate artwork, so today I just went ahead and did the color separations on the Pengo bezel artwork file. (more…)

Mappy Color Separations Finished

Hot day outside. Good day to sit in the basement and work on vector arcade game artwork. Simple and easy, not like the Pengo control panel artwork separations, the color separations for the Mappy kickplate artwork were quick and to the point. (more…)

Pengo Control Panel Color Separations

The Pengo control panel was the definitely the hardest piece of arcade artwork I have worked on to date when it comes to color separations. I made myself sit down yesterday and crank through it. (more…)