Atari Football XO Separations Finished

Since I just wrote less than 24 hours ago on finishing the Atari Football XO sideart vectors, I won’t get into too much detail here. I finished the color separations, bleeds and all – here is the breakdown of those colors shown with the black artwork overlaid on top.

Atari Football Red SeparationAtari Football Orange SeparationAtari Football Yellow Separation

This artwork heads off to Rich Lint and This Old Game by the end of the week, and then it is up to scheduling everything else before it is reproduced. I would imagine I will have to send him my physical piece of Football artwork, and we’ll have a discussion about some of the details and the color matching, specifically if he can achieve the orange by laying the yellow over the red. My best guess is that this won’t go into production for another 1-2 months though.

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Lookin good, is there any indication of red under the orange “swoosh” from aliginment when printing?
since there is no black to hide that it was proably done as a seprate spot color just as you show it. since dead on regestration just dosnt happen usally used when Black can hide that

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I had thought this through in my mind, and had forgot about it in the month I was working on the Atari Football artwork. There aren’t any indications of red under the orange swoosh from alignment…so the orange is probably is a separate spot color.

And judging on the quality of the registration overall on the artwork, I am sure we would have seen some mis-registration. There are color poking out all over the place on the original Atari Football sideart.

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Were these ever reproduced? Looking for a set for my game…

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It sounds like the ‘goal’ right now is to get at least some, if not all of the Atari Football sideart pieces run by early June 2009…

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