Gunsmoke Sideart / Stickers Update

Brian Jones sent me image of the test print he did solely based off the file I did before the colors were matched or anything from the original NOS piece. I love seeing something I vectored in print.

Gunsmoke sticker with test cutlines output;

Gunsmoke Diecut StickerArtwork

Gunsmoke sticker artwork in it’s entirety;

Gunsmoke full printed artwork

Availability of the Gunsmoke stickers

There is some talk right now about the availability of the Gunsmoke adhesive vinyl stickers on the klov arcade forums as well as some of the other artwork for this game including the sideart.

Gunsmoke Sideart

Not a rare arcade game necessarily, or high in demand, but a loyal following it seems from at least a few collectors. As for the Gunsmoke arcade game sideart, I was emailed all of the pieces for that which I can only assume is the same for both the left and right side of the cabinet. However, seeing as this little sticker piece for the control panel took me 4.7 hours to complete, this cabinet artwork would be a much more significant time investment.

Vectorizing sideart isn’t cheap

If I were to vectorize this artwork, I am guessing somewhere in the 12-15 hour range and even having this digitally printed to save cost that would probably reasonable put the project out of range for the average collector. It probably wouldn’t make sense to even vectorize this, the scans don’t look too bad from what I could tell.

Maybe Brian Jones would find some value in doing a similar process that he did with the Cheyenne sideart on this Gunsmoke sideart. He just used photoshop, selections and the paint bucket tool liberally to make sure colors were flat and consistent for the Cheyenne piece. I do believe that still took him a significant amount of time, so it is really up to you guys.

What do you reasonably think the demand for Gunsmoke sideart is? I think it might be low seeing as a set of Gunsmoke sideart was given away for free a number of months back. Granted it was a little beat up (it’s the photo from above). I was also remembering another set that I thought Modesitt gave away, but surprise surprise, I can’t seem to find that link on Klov if it even exists. Anyone else remember that and got a link?

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe there are a bunch of guys out there interested in a set of both left and right sideart. My general perception of BYOAC is that those guys tend to like the lesser known games, games like Gun Smoke so maybe there would be some people over there interested in this artwork also. We’ll see I guess.

Note: The offer is on the table. The owner of the Gunsmoke sideart scans doesn’t always reply to my questions, but I gave him a trade off. I will vectorize the Gunsmoke artwork if he will drive the four hours to where the White Mr. Do! is located in relation to his residence in New York and scan the cabinet artwork. I feel like that is a very good trade, one that favors him based on the time I am guessing this will take.

Update Sept. 22, 2008
Brian has the NOS Gunsmoke artwork sample in hand, and is color matching the artwork right now. Here are what should be the second to final, if not final test prints.

Gunsmoke New Color Match Print 1Gunsmoke New Color Match Print 2

The yellow isn’t quite as robust as in the original, but that can be the limitation with digital printing. But if you think about it, when the original artwork was screen printed it would make sense that Digital printing might only be able to get 99.5% close to the original in color.

Who knows, in a week, these might be ready for sale.

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This I know I provided! , any ways it would be nice to have this reproduced! of course I happen to have another source I can send you as well which is slightly different colors and does not need to be stitched, all i know is the one i sent in was scanned by me from my NOS set i think i did it at 400dpi maybe 600dpi? i don’t remember.

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If you have a list of arcade related items, PCBs, NOS artwork or other pieces that might constitute an even trade in value, I would look at that as an option. Or if you have access to some other commodity to trade or information I would look at that too.

If you were close to New York or California and could scan artwork on the Mr. Do! cabinet that I have been looking at I might consider that an even trade.

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i live in NY, and just so happen to of picked up a Mr. Do! conversion tonight, however it’s inside a Tatio cabinet, The Mr. Do artwork is limited to 2 small instruction cards seems unpealed but slightly faded behind the taito glass and a really good condition Mr. Do! marquee, and untested Mr. Do! pcb inside the cab, as i’m going to be using this cabinet for a project, but might eventually restore it to a zoo keeper / jungle king/hunt.

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For anyone else interested, here is the thread on Klov about the Mr. Do! Taito conversion Josh picked up in New York.


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