Mr. Do! Cocktail Conversion Artwork

Yesterday I was browsing for some Food Fight photos and came across this photo on another well known arcade collector’s website. Obviously a conversion as Mr. Do! did not come in a Midway style cabinet, this is probably the best looking Mr. Do! cocktail I have ever seen.

Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game

The original Mr. Do! cocktail

You can see a photo of the original Mr. Do! cocktail made by Universal in this cropped image from the flyer.

Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game

How boring, and how ugly. A box on aluminum legs with a couple of stickers. They had all of this real estate on the top of the cocktail glass and all they did was stick a couple of instructions stickers. My guess is that such a blantant choice had some founded reasons. Maybe they had feedback that said restaurants and other establishments didn’t want a colorful game sitting in the corner. Who knows.

I like the gradient brick sticker, I can’t imagine that on top under the glass. But even the simple varying line graphic with the Universal logo at the very bottom would have been an upgrade to a plain top with two white stickers. Even if the lines ran on either side the full width of the cabinet under the stickers. Something like this is more appealing than nothing;

Mr. Do! Cocktail Arcade Game - Modified Artwork

All I know is that I am impartial to the Midway cocktails. At least there was some style to the shape of the upper glass even if the lower cabinet was just a box. Was this artwork custom made or was it conversion kit for a cocktail cabinet? If I knew my cocktail control panel overlay artwork I might know that for sure. That probably wasn’t changed if this game was converted from something else. Does anyone recognize that overlay?

My guess is that it was custom made, the side sticker (if it is a sticker) looks just like the Mr. Do! marquee, and the top is just the simple green brick pattern repeated and cut to size with the Mr. Do! logo thrown on top. This photo is so low res who knows if this was just an inkjet print wedged underneath the glass.

But at least you can tell right away which cocktail game this is.

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I think just the opposite. The Midway cab looks terrible. The Mr. Do graphics surrounding the top glass make it look really cheap and ugly.
I’d take the original anytime over that mess.

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Kelly » The Midway cocktail is iconic, not the ubiquitous, forgettable woodgrain cocktail with metal legs.

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Hey, I have this machine. It is an original and it just has the plain instructions taped under the glass. No green on top at all. I guess these original ones are kinda rare?

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Jeremy » Nope, not rare at all. Not really that valuable. For Mr. Do!, upright Universals are hard to come by, and even harder to find in good condition on the bottom edges of the cabinet and where the sides are not discolored or de-laminating. The cocktails are all over the place.

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