Interesting Arcade Links – 2008-11-02

  • Made a makeshift mini stencil & painted the kickplate ghost’s hand yellow. Updated missed artwork post with photo – http://snipr.com/4trip #
  • Area 51 for sale – Greenwood, Indiana Craigslist -$250. Needs new sensors, worth closer to $200 for right person – http://snipr.com/4ueu7 #
  • Ms. Pac-man black artwork on Friday! It’s supposed to be 69 degrees, perfect to finish up and the kickplate stencil artwork is already on. #
  • Finally got the left sideart Ms. Pac-man black stencil down. Just sprayed the first coat of black. Think black may run out, need 2nd can. #
  • I am officially out of Painters touch flat black. Barely made it on the one side of Ms. Pac. 70 tomorrow, may do right sideart artwork then. #
  • Ms. Pac-man black stencil artwork looks ‘tacky’, time to start taking it off. I only have until 4:15 before I have to go… #
  • Putting photo online right now of completed stencil artwork, left side, of Ms. Pac-man, black and everything… #
  • It’s still 68 degrees here, I am going to try to get the right Ms. Pac-man sideart stencil on and see what the temp is then. #
  • Well, I ran out of steam. Straight at it after lifting, I almost got all of the premask off the right Ms. Pac sideart. Tomorrow will finish. #
  • Gorf, Moon Patrol, Spyhunter and B.O.T.S.S for sale in South Bend, could possibly be had for good values – http://snipr.com/4wwqy #
  • Finished rt sideart on Ms. Pac-man today – more overspray. Clear Coated kickplate artwork 5x, & did brush touchup. Clear coating still left #
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