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If you live in Greenfield Indiana and are looking to sell some pinball machines or arcade games that are taking up space, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you’re trying to track down a certain game, maybe a Donkey Kong for yourself, or a Pac-man for a present for Christmas, I might be able to help you as well.

Buying used Arcade Games in Greenfield

They can be empty cabinets, they can be complete working, or non working arcade games, or even pinball machines, but either way I will purchase and haul away any old coin operated equipment you might have. If you are in the Greenfield area, or any surrounding cities like New Palestine, Morristown, Knightstown, Carthage, Arlington or even Rushville I would be willing to come out and buy any games that you have individually or in bulk.

Who am I?

My name is Jeff, and I run this site. I am really into collecting arcade games hence this website. Weekly I write about the local collecting hobby and my own experiences with fixing and restoring old arcade and pinball games. I am in Indianapolis and own a number of old classic games like Ms. Pac-man, Mr. Do! and Pengo.

Looking for a particular game around Indianapolis?

Certainly drop me a line with my contact form. I know collectors, operators, techs and even on site locations where I might be able to find the machine you are wanting to add to your gameroom / home. Some of the most common games are;

  • Pac-Man
  • Galaga
  • Donkey Kong
  • Star Wars
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Dig Dug
  • Asteroids
  • Defender
  • Tron
  • Tempest
  • Centipede

How much do arcade games cost?

Starting a home gameroom out on the east side of Indy? Just built a new home with a great space for some arcade games or pinball machines? Greenfield is certainly the place to do it. But how much do some of these popular classics cost?

First off, don’t believe eBay. There are retail sellers that will try to sell some of these games for $1500-$3000 dollars. If you pay $3000 for anyone of the games listed above, you’ve been ripped off. A game like Dig Dug working, in great condition shouldn’t cost more than $400, and sometimes can be purchased with some scuffs and dings for $200.

Repair an arcade / pinball in Greenfield

If you are out on the east side around Greenfield, or as far away as Rushville, you are in luck. One of the few repair shops around Indianapolis is located in Greenfield – Docpinball. They mostly do pinball sales, and certainly could hook you up if you are looking for a pinball machine like The Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Medievil Madness or Star Trek. Docpinball also builds multigames, so you can play up to 100’s of classic games in one machine. Visit Docpinball.com for more information. You can read here about my service experiences with Docpinball, formerly Wagner Gameworks.

Most of the games they sell will be in the $1,000++ range. Some of those pinballs can cost several thousand, so just be aware.

Selling arcade games / pinball machines

If you are in Greenfield, and you have any games that you are looking to sell and just get rid of, drop me a line. I can come out and pick up a bulk lot of games, I would be able to purchase a warehouse of games working or not, or if you just have one machine that you hoped to repair but are no longer interested, get in touch with me. I travel all across the state of Indiana.

If I can help you out in any way, or can provide any information, don’t hesitate to email. Put something along the lines of ‘Arcade’ in the subject. Email me at rothecreations@gmail.com, or use the contact form here on Rotheblog.com. Happy gaming.

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i am looking for a pinball machine for 300 to 400 dollars if you can help please send a e-mail thank you for you time

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Have a harley davidson pinball machine for sale.

User Gravatar

what is the price and what condition is it in

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Im looking for a empty arcade machine full standup case. I would like to build my own custom mame machine, just wondering if you havd any arcade cabinets for sale or where i could fine one for 100 dollars are less thanks

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I’m looking for a used skee ball machine. It doesn’t have to work. We’re wanting to use one as a prop in an Escape Games room. We need the shell, mostly, as the electronics and internal guts don’t matter at all. As long as the balls can be rolled up and into the cups, that’s about it. Lots of places seem to sell them at a high cost, but we’re looking for something close to Bloomington, Indiana, and we’re looking for something cheaper. Hoping you could help.
812-217-8761 or info@enigmapuzzlehouse.com

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Scott Smith ยป Hey Scott, I shot you an email with a suggestion to try to locate a non working Skeeball.

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I am looking for a pinball machine in good working order for less than
$1000. The condition and the subject is not important . Please let me know if you have anything .
Thanks Dan Allen

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Hey Dan – I’ll send you an email direct, thanks for reaching out.

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I am currently getting into arcade machines and I’m looking for broken or run down arcade machines for 200 dollars or less that I can fix up and sell or keep. Can you email me if you know anyone that is selling anything like that?

Thank you

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