Ms. Pac-man Copyright in Stencil File

I have had some questions about the copyright text in the Ms. Pac-man color separated stencil file. If you take a look really close, zoomed in to ant sized detail, the letters look like they were autotraced. and jagged. I don’t know how these were constructed, and not inferring anything at all with this information, just being informative.

Ms. Pac-man Copyright from Joymonkey File

(If you are one of the ill-informed individuals that wants to use an autotrace vector program of any sorts, this gives you a visual on the results no matter what you do.) So the question posed is, should I tape over the copyrights when I stencil and leave them out? Or leave the lettering in? Here is a photo comparison of what I got, you make your own decision.

Ms. Pac-man Copyright Text

I made the decision to leave mine in. You might not be able to tell from this photo, but on the two Ms. Pac-man I had, that copyright text bled together with overspray, and was blurry in spots.

Ms. Pac-man Copyright Old Cabinet

I figured, they stencils can’t be worse than that, right? I guess right, here is a photo detail of the copyright on the sideart for my newly stenciled Ms. Pac-man, it is looks great. The kickplate is the same way, crisp characters that in a way aren’t faithful to the orignal 😉

Ms. Pac-man Copyright from New Cabinet

So, I would recommend leaving the copyright in….but you will kill yourself picking out the middle of a letter ‘D’ with an exacto knife. It’s the bestest.

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This kind of leads me to a question I’ve been wanting to ask..
How do you find/choose the correct font for a project? Let’s say I were to vectorize a CPO. I have many thousand fonts to choose from, with font books and a viewer application. Is there an easy way, or do you actually look through them all?

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Jeff, I can provide you 400 dpi scann ot the TM from Pac Man, unfortunatly it claims 1980 instead of 1981 😉
Except this is exactly the same text and typo

just lmk.

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Out of curiosity, how many people besides me have noticed Joymonkey’s ‘watermark’ in his stencil file?

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Rich lint gave me a tip for arcade game fonts.

Right away I always check Helvetica. A lot of games used that font on their artwork. Beyond that, I use a website called


Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Some fonts, I’ve found, are some variation of the common ones, stretched or distorted or extra bolded…some variation.

I actually don’t know what you are referring to. Typo? Is there a typo? I’m not at home right now so I can’t do a comparison. Or are you just referring to the difference in year? You have a Ms. Pac-man that says 1980 instead of 1981?

I haven’t noticed it….where is the watermark?

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Focus your search on the right side, in the big blue ghost, in the fine details that make up the ripples of his sheet toward the bottom.

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Ah….you mean the ‘big’ ghost….not a blue ghost. I see it now. I was like…what the heck!

Indeed a laugh…guy has a sense of humor, probably just waiting in angst for someone to find it and say something. Well Paul, you are permanently a part of my machine now…

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