Smokin’ – New photos of the Journey sideart reproduction progress

I had completely forgotten about the Journey sideart project, at least in a sense. I know with some guys up in the Chicago area and north interested in Journey, Jeff P. has created a user interest group to interact over at CoinOpSpace.com. I bet they’ll be thrilled to hear that the Journey sideart reproductions – digital print – are moving along and with amazing artistry. The whole piece is being reconstructed at the pixel level on top of the original scan. Check out the photo inside.

Digital inkjet reproduction artwork can look amazing

When it’s done by someone with skills. Mame Marquees seem to do a pretty good job from what I’ve heard, and I know Brian Jones does as well. Rich doesn’t ever rush things, so you know his product will be that much more amazing.

Journey Sideart Test Print Photo 1
Now the details

Rich handed this piece of artwork off to a true ‘artist’, someone who would love to get down to a pixel level of recreation on those soft gradient colors. The result – a 3 Gig 600dpi Photoshop file with 2,400 layers. (Now, I will comment publicly that the amount of layers sounds a little ridiculous to me. I know how that many layers can significantly slow down a system. It is better to save out stages in production, maybe 10-20 different files, and flatten layers of artwork as they are absolutely finalized to reduce problems in screen re-rendering in Photoshop. But I digress, to each their own, every artist has their own work flow.)

The print you see above is direct from the cleaned scan with no color or contrast adjusting. The final Journey sideart prints will be done on a solvent inkjet and will be screen printed with a semigloss clear to match the original sheen. Here is another image which shows that the cut line will be correct.

Journey Sideart Test Print Photo 2

Final Notes

I know that the Journey sideart has some similarities in style to that of Cosmic Chasm and this similar process would lend itself well to that artwork. Maybe in the future. I know Brian Jones has pieced together that artwork already from scans from a control panel out of the UK. Maybe Rich can finish that project up while Brian is working on some finishing up some other artwork. (Zookeeper stencils)

Thanks again to Rich for the update. Remember, if you don’t have a printer yet for your arcade reproductions, you will want to look up Rich at Thisoldgame.com

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You got it here first, exclusive content about the Journey digital sideart reproduction artwork progress at Rotheblog.com.

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2,400 layers? Can this be right? I mean, how the heck could you complete the job with that many layers.

Looks great though.

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I have worked on files with 50-60 layers, and the system became impossible to work on. I don’t understand how this is possible personally to have a piece of sideart and still be able to maneuver, even with a top of the line system at any given time, everything maxes out.

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