No ads for a year at CoinOpSpace.com – Arcade Game Forum

Just a short note, and an exciting note I’ve been early awaiting to announce since last week.

We have a donor that offered to pay the first year of ad removal from CoinOpSpace.com – Arcade Game Forum. Awesome and generous donation, but one that speaks for the commitment to this MySpace like Social Network to take off.

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Looking to more members joining the forum

At least that is my hope. The individuals who responded to my ‘Let’s talk about the advertising on this website‘ post were mostly younger collectors, or technology fluent collectors who are used to advertising on most websites out there today.

I didn’t get any public responses from those of you out there who were bothered by the advertising. But for now, that is gone. So, I hope that those members who were waiting to sign up just because of the ads, will now join.

Thanks to the anonymous donor who is making the arcade forum better as we speak and please, continue to visit and participate. The Klov forums are moving in the right direction, but there is no guarantee that the upgrade will ever actually happen, and even then, that forum needs serious overhaul on rules and the volume of poor responses and irrelevant content before it can be viable again.

How you can help

Right now, these are my immediate needs.

  • Forum Moderators
  • Forum Responders – Help with to give responses to topics, especially first posts by new users
  • Blog / Website Mentions – Write a blog post, or a blurb with a link back on your website using the keywords ‘arcade forum’ somewhere in the writeup
  • Use the Badges / Promotional Media – Help get the brand out there an recognized in other forums
  • Talk about CoinOpSpace.com elsewhere – No blatant promotion. Just honest opinion, sincere. If there is a feature or something about the site you like, talk about it! Encourage others to join. If you don’t like it, that’s fine to. But drop me a line and let me know why, maybe I can help
  • Send Invites – Like the MySpace like classic arcade community? Send invites to friends to get them to join

As always, if you have questions, or need support, don’t hesitate to contact me here at my arcade game blog or at CoinOpSpace.com. A huge thank you, sincerely, to those of you who have done some of these things already and continue to do so. The growth so far couldn’t have happened without you.

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Yey no ads! Hopefully those that were initially turned off by the ads will start spending more time on the site.

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Coolsville. I really hope this takes off Jeff. I’m getting really tired of the inappropriate comments, price police, and bickering that goes on at the KLOV forums. I started a forum before for a different hobby that had moderate success and I know how much effort it takes to make a project like this succeed. Kudos to you.

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Thanks. It certainly is a lot of work to maintain a forum, or a social network for arcade games like CoinOpSpace.com. When I first started, I knew I just wanted to establish a presence there and the opportunities it presented. But I am an all in or not at all kind of guy, and I push hard. So, it really has been a lot of work, but rewarding to see what has happened so far with great support from you three guys here and a handful more.

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