Picked up Sega Frogger in Indianapolis Today

Wouldn’t you know. I made arrangements to get out and pick up this Frogger today on the first snow of the winter here in Indianapolis. The friend who owns the truck went with me, so that took the slight worry away since I was using someone else’s vehicle. The Frogger was the only thing sitting in a garage just south of Broadripple. Sad and dusty inside, this Frogger has been sitting in a house for 15 years.

Driving in winter weather to get Frogger

I don’t plan on keeping the Frogger

Indiana drivers are atrocious. We saw three – three car accidents in the short 10 mile drive to pick up this game here in Indianapolis. Being from Michigan, it amazes me how people drive under the speed limit by 15 miles an hour and still manage to t-bone someone.

But back to Frogger. Don’t get me wrong, Sega’s Frogger is a fun game, but this cabinet kind of sucked in the artwork department. This cabinet is missing the ‘sideart’, if you can call it that at all. Just an oversized decal / sticker showing Frogger running. Pretty dumb if you ask me.

Frogger sitting in the garageFrogger loaded up in the game cover

Like I said, this game was picked up for free 15 years ago, and worked for 6 months they said before it had some issue. I haven’t tried to power it up yet, but it’s all there, and the cabinet is in decent shape, the edges aren’t too rough considering the age of the game. (The discoloration you see on the right is tape, not cab damage) Prior to that owner, he said some other owner had it in their home for over 5 years, so for 20 years of it’s life it’s been home owned.

You couldn’t tell by the dust on the boardset 😉 If you are interested in buying this Frogger from me, whole and locally let me know. I probably won’t get around to listing it anywhere, or on this website, for at least a week.

Picking up games in the Indianapolis area

If you have an old upright classic arcade game that you just want gone, you want someone to haul away, give me a hollar and I will take it off your hands. Pac-man, Donkey Kong, Q*Bert, or even something less common like Shinobi, if you don’t want it I will come and get it from you no charge.

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Looks to be in good shape. I want a Frogger some day…been on the look out for one (along with way too many other games). The artwork is pretty crappy, and I hate the wood grain but it is what it is I guess. It’s one my wife would like at some point.

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Frogger is definitely a fun game. I know my wife knew nothing of me picking this up yesterday, but when she overhead me later mention that it is a Frogger her eyes perked up a little bit. Must be a gurl thang.

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It is a popular game with the ladies, not sure why. Just like Ms. Pac-Man. A good one to have in a game room if you have space or at least in a multi cab.

That cab looks very nice. I’d clean it up and get it working then off to eBay or CTCW pronto.

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Woman love Frogger. My wife wants/wanted one. However, the 60 in 1 will have to do.

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What was CTCW again? Must be something obvious…

@Bill…by saying that the 60 in 1 will have to do are you saying you agree that the cabinet artwork pretty much sucks?

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CTCW = Chase the chuck wagon. The new auction site started specifically for arcade and video game related stuff.

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Ah….yeah. I maybe should have known that…but I haven’t seen anyone else refer to that site by an acronym yet. You are the first my cool friend 😉

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