Pacmania sideart reproductions are coming

Pac-mania isn’t a widely popular game, it draws a lot of it’s following because it is one of the last in the series of Pac-man games. There was a Pac-mania that popped up here locally in Indiana that didn’t fetch much over a $100. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any demand out there for sideart, and if you have been looking for a good reproduction, This Old Game is almost ready to make some high quality inkjet prints available to those who need them.

One man – Three Pacmanias

Rick F. has three Pacmanias. You read that right. There isn’t a ton of demand for these games, but Rick has three. Probably because they’re all in really good condition and when the right individual comes along looking for one, they will pay top dollar for a nice one.

Rick contacted Rich to see if he could do some inkjet prints to help him restore his cabinets. Now, if you’ve seen this artwork in person you’d know that screen printing is out of the question. Complex gradients and shading and a lack of serious demand make this piece perfect for one off inkjet prints.

Here’s what the artwork looks like to date;

Pac-mania Sideart Reproductions

All that is left is for Rick to get back to Rich on some color matches and the prints will be ready.

If you want to read more details about the project, and why you should never download a piece of artwork from the Localarcade website and expect it to be print ready, visit Rich Lint’s Pacmania blog entry for the week at CoinOpSpace.com.

Rich will attempt to post every Friday with one major update on a project he’s working on, and hopefully 1-2 other smaller updates during the week, so check back often.

Update – February 1, 2009

Buy Pacmania side

If you didn’t follow the first link, check out the final touches on the Pacmania side art blog. The artwork is now finished and you should be able to purchase a set for your arcade cabinet. Contact ThisOldGame.com for more information.

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Hey, it’s a good news. I should catch a PacMania cab’ in the coming days…and there is NO sideart on it… so this info sounds great ^^

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How much space do you have in your gameroom? It looked as though you were pretty full….or are you building an addition sometime soon for this Pacmania and other games?

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posting PacMania part deux on friday CoinOpSpace.com

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Hi Jeff,
The two rooms of my game room are full 🙁
Once again, I’m starting (again) to put games inside my house.
I plan to build a new game room for my Galaxian Theater and other games…

Great Job Rich… can’t wait to see the PacMania Side Art repro on the cabinet 😉

See ya’


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Pacmania in’ ->

My Pacmania Cabinet

…and as you can see, I’ll need a pair of sideart 😉

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Thanks for sharing the photo of the Pac-mania…I saw the post on your great dragonslairfans.com website as well…


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