Update on the Mappy Kickplate Reproductions

Been waiting on new kickplate for your Mappy arcade machine? I posted awhile back about finishing the Mappy artwork separations and sending the files off to This Old Game. Well, today Rich posted an update at Coinopspace.com on his weekly Friday blog that he has been making the films and the artwork may print as early as this week!

The smaller the artwork, the easier the reproduction

Rich has a finite amount of aluminum frames that have been prestretched to use for burning films. This is an obvious bottleneck because these stretched frames are not cheap, and even at that they are hard to store, which he talks a little bit about in his post. But Rich must have just finished up a different project that freed up a medium sized frame to do the Mappy artwork. The main advantage of this simplistic character artwork is that each separated color is pretty tiny and could be fit on two screens.

Mappy Film Colors posted for viewing

Updates will be posted several days, if not every day this week at Coinopspace.com so if you are waiting to get a set of these Mappy characters for your cabinet you’ll probably want to follow along. Setup a profile and check in later in the afternoon, that is when Rich seems to post.

Who out there is waiting on Mappy reproduction artwork? I am curious, I haven’t heard much talk but I think that is also because no one knew if / when repros for the kickplate might actually be printed. Now we know it’s pretty close.

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You purchased a set, right Kent?

And you own a Mappy? Or do you plan to own one at some point?

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Yes, I purchased a set, but I am not happy with how I applied them. I think I will be purchasing another set.

I do own a Mappy. In my opinion it is by far one of the coolest cabinets out there. The colorful artwork is awesome.

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Did you sand, and repaint the front kickplate before you applied? Or did you just take the old Mappy artwork off before putting the new ones on?

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I did a little sanding, but the front of a Mappy is vinyl … Unfortunately, I didn’t do enough … I guess, I could have sanded the entire front and then just painted the front white … hmmm, not sure the best approach …

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Just received a set and they are awesome. We have to rebuild the bottom part of the cabinet(probably this spring) before we apply these, but man, they are great. My 8 yr old son wants a set just stick in his room. ;o)

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The great thing about these Mappy decals / stickers, is that the artwork works on other things as decoration. Any item where you want to create a square space, they certainly are relegated to the arcade machine solely.

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