Mad Planets underlay artwork finished

Earlier this week, as I sat in the hotel trying to get home from my Chicago trip, I had some time to finish drawing any missing pieces of the Mad Planets underlay and then make sure that all fills were added.

I certainly wasn’t as close to being finished as I thought

But I’m glad that I finished the underlay artwork regardless. Thanks to Rory B. for getting me a scan of an NOS underlay piece back in the middle of May, which can then also be used for color matching, checking accuracy as well as dimensioning if there is ever a need.

Mad Planets Underlay Artwork Finalized

It was crazy to see the amount of small difference between the two scans I had, the one partial off of a Mad Planets cabinet from Chris, and this one. Goes to show you that getting to particular over detail is a folly since each print has the potential for small differences in a mass production process.

Glad to have it done, there was a lot of detail in the moons and took a lot of flipping back and forth between keyline view and the original scan to make sure it was right.

Update 4.3.10 – For those that haven’t done any research, it might be time. The artwork for this Mad Planets piece can be printed at any time. But you know the reasons preventing it from being mass printed. I only prepped it for making my own from scratch Mad Planets, and I ended up finding a complete one instead.

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That moon does look extremely detailed. Good job of finishing it!

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Nicework Jeff. Maybe the artist spent so much time and budget $$$$$ on the CPO, Underlay, Bezel and Marquee they didn’t have any funds for the sideart!!!

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Jeff, if you ever want to make your repros available count me in for one. Same goes for your Mad Planets bezel repro. I’ve scored a new MP CPO and a NOS MP joystick handle, and will be getting a repro of the Gottlieb joystick insert soon. I just need a better bezel and underlay art to make my new Mad Planets presentable. Thanks for all your hard work.

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For those that have come across this post individually, I have added an update at the end of the original text.

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SanTe – you found a NOS MP handle? You should really get that thing moulded for posterity. There are tron joysticks available thanks to someone taking the time to create moulds. MP joysticks are in short supply! (Still looking for one.)

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