New NOS artwork from QuarterArcade warehouse raid last year

QuarterArcade.com always has the goods. Last year Anthony uncovered a warehouse of games that most of us would have doubted still existed. In that warehouse were 40+ pinballs and 65+ arcade games, plus a ton of NOS artwork that sold for big bucks on eBay. Well, turns out there was a box of that NOS artwork leftover and Anthony listed it on eBay this week.

Unique, one of a kind NOS Sideart

That is what is in this lot. Nothing that immediately jumps out and says “I’ll bring $200 a set”, but artwork you may never see again unapplied or otherwise. The first three items on the list here are probably the most unique, the Centuri and Exidy artwork, and the Jr. Pac-man always has potential to bring in $100+. The list of artwork includes;

  • Centuri Challenger Sideart
  • Centuri Loco-Motion Sideart
  • Exidy Crash
  • Jr. Pac-man Kickplate Artwork
  • Two Tigers Sideart
  • Vs. Unisystem
  • Phoenix Sideart

Here are the photos;

NOS Centuri Challenger Sideart - View 2NOS Centuri Challenger Sideart - View 1NOS Centuri Loco-MotionNOS Exidy Crash SideartNOS Jr. Pac-man Kickplate ArtworkNOS Two Tigers SideartNOS Nintendo Vs. SideartNOS Centuri Phoenix Sideart

I’m watching the prices obviously, looking to see how much the Centuri stuff brings. I’d buy the Jr. Pac-man kickplate artwork if money grew on trees. Ah, but it doesn’t, just the opposite when paying for school. But seriously, even to frame as some cool gameroom artwork the Challenger and Loco-Motion artwork is really unique.

Check out all of the artwork listed at QuarterArcade.com or just check on the auction statuses and bids at the eBay store.

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I hope nobody buys that Two Tigers art to put on a cab. Enough Tron cabs have meet their demise that way already 🙂

I was temppted by the Phoenix side art, but that side of my cab is in good shape. Plus with the extra wording on the bottom it wouldn’t match.

Cool stuff and Anthony is only just over an hour from me.

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Well…I have no problem taking an already converted Tron painted black, with no artwork remaining, and making it into a really nice Two Tigers. But the collect would have to do a great job.

Anthony said a lot of this artwork isn’t good enough quality to apply to a cabinet anyhow. But if I owned a Challenger, I would apply that artwork, regardless of condition. Don’t you think? Maybe not a Phoenix or Two Tigers, but certainly the Centuri games….

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