NOS Black Widow Conversion Kit up for sale on eBay

Back in March of 2008 Andy S. had just started down the collecting path, and found what he called an ‘Ops Graveyard’. Basically it was a a building filled with parts from arcade games, monitors, marquees, bezels and a ton of other misc stuff. But there was one pretty huge jewel in the find. Today, he put that jewel up for sale on eBay, a NOS Black Widow Conversion Kit.

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If you get the opportunity to talk to Andy, you would get the pleasure of chatting with a down to earth guys who is really passionate about the unique history of arcade games. Andy could easily sell this Black Widow kit, it is worth several hundred dollars, just look at the final selling price of the BW sideart on eBay a little while ago. Here are some photos of the kit;

Black Widow NOS Conversion Kit Photo 1Black Widow NOS Conversion Kit Photo 1

But Andy has been trying to track down a Team Hat Trick by Bally Sente. Bally Sente games can be hard to find, they were produced in relatively small quantities and Andy knows this.

Twice he’s offered up his Black Widow conversion kit for trade (April, May 2009) to try to force one out of hiding, but no dice. There was one that sold here in Indianapolis back in 2001. Brad S. has a photo of one on his Madocowain website that has all sorts of US Amusement auction data from the early 2000’s. To add insult to injury, it only sold for $55!!

Team Hat Trick Indianapolis Auction 2001
Photo via Madocowain.com

Now the kit is up for sale, soon after the official declaration that we are coming out of the recession. Curious to see the final selling price, but my guess is that he may get as much as $150 less now than before. Regardless, one of a kind artwork always has some value, if only for a conversation piece and bragging rights, vs. just going out and reproducing Black Widows sideart. Then no one is interested.

But its far from being about the money for Andy, but about finding that one of a kind game which is a great way to go about the hobby. If you hear of a Team Hat Trick for sale, drop me a line. It would be awesome to find one for Andy.

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Your link is broken. Need to remove the slash.


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There's also a NOS Vs. Unisystem SMB kit on Ebay.


Unfortunately, guy wants $300 for it, which sucks, because that would make my SMB restoration a helluva lot easier. I desperately need that control panel and sideart.

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Where do you value a Nintendo type kit? I wouldn't think that if its less, it would be much less….

Looks like he did come down in price, but with shipping that NOS Nintendo kit would still be about $300…

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