A Road Blasters cabinet that doubled as a shop sponge

I’ve been swamped, with a major project that takes 12-14 hours on average every day of the week. I hope to turn a corner on that soon. Now that summer is here, it appears that some arcade movement has started – that first movement might be more of a body shaking shutter, but every other game looks uphill from here.

Free Road Blasters Arcade Cabinet

Not much to say about this thing. It wasn’t pretty, which is why I got it for free. It was a nearly complete Road Blasters, just missing the monitor. Here it was.

Empty Road Blasters Arcade Cabinet

I brought it home, priced it to move on Craigslist for a cheap $25 and proceeded to gut the cabinet down to the last bolt. I was planning to keep it a week and if no one wanted to give it new life, time to get all Rhianna on it with a sledgehammer. Fortunately, after a couple of days a Mame guy came forward with plans to make it into a fighter. The cabinet will need a new bottom, but still cheaper than a $75-$100 empty fighter cabinet.

I love RoadBlasters so hauling it home was worth it for me. I plan to keep the boardset, harness, power supply, etc. in case I ever just stumble onto a nice looking Atari cabinet.

Need an empty Arcade Cabinet for a Mame project?

I get empty arcade cabinets from time to time in the Indianapolis Indiana area. Check out more information about that on my Mame arcade cabinet page. Most of them better than this one 🙂 If you need a cabinet, drop me a line and in the least I can put you in my file if I come across another empty.

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You forgot to remove the Florissant lamp fixture.

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Present for the next owner of the cabinet I guess.

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These S1 cabs would make a nice mame or multi setup
and definatly not have a guilt factor that you destroyed a classic since thats what those cabs were made for, converting.

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It should be a great cabinet to attach a wide fighting control panel. Considering Atari’s intentions, and the fact that it was flaking wood three inches up the side, I don’t have any guilt.

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