That wacky boxing glove frog makes another appearance

In late 2008 I shared some photos of a Maze Man cocktail arcade game. One of many Pac-man bootlegs or knockoffs, I never guessed that they would have also made an upright machine as well. Check out the photo after the jump.

Maze Man upright arcade game

Unearthed in Lawton OK, I still don’t know much more about this game beyond the fact that it was made by Entertainment Industries / Technology – possible Enterprise? Using arcadeflyers.com as a resource doesn’t give us much of an indication, but does support the idea of an illegal bootleg.

Maze Man Upright Arcade Game

However, one clue – Dean on the Oklahoma forums posted that the PCB has some similarities to Falcon game boardsets. The first thought that popped into my head when I saw the photo brought me back to my post about Falcon games and the cabinet shape. This game has woodgrain sides, but that’s not to say that an operator added vinyl to the sides somewhere in its life to cover up some faded flaking screened sideart. The guys at Phoenix Arcade (Not to be confused with Darin Jacob’s artwork repro shop) found this machine, and that website is an interesting read if you have some time. An unfortunate story of a local arcade and a tremendous fire – hence the use of ‘Phoenix’.

A Maze’ing deal for the right buyer

Those guys travel quite the distances to pick up games, I’d be interested to hear where they found this Maze Man. It certainly is what I would call a ‘rare’ game but that is no indication of value. Working, worth $100? Maybe $150 to the right buyer? It would be worth that to me and I’d buy it just because it is such and oddball piece, if they were one state over and not some 13 hours away….

What is your guess? Artwork underneath the woodgrain?

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Ok, I admit I skimmed a little bit but have you or anyone seen the game play for Maze Man? I looked in my MAME rom folder and do not see a rom for Maze Man. Guess it would be kind of fun to start collecting some of these bootleg PCB’s.

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