Bazooka trumps sniper rifle

Any day of the week, at least in my mind. Ever seen an arcade game with a Bazooka for the control? Consider yourself edu-macated.

Bazooka arcade game from Oregon Warehouse

Remember when a Maneater came out of that warehouse out west in the middle of February? That was only the first load of games. Rich told me about the other games that were left, including a game called ‘Bazooka’. Ever heard of it? Probably not, I know I hadn’t. Here are some photos of the game, manufactured by PSE.

PSE Bazooka Photo 1PSE Bazooka Photo 2PSE Bazooka Photo 3

I am jealous. I want, want, want this game, what a unique piece (only five listed Bazooka owners on VAPS. I love the cabinet and a huge freakin’ Bazooka on the front. The fun retro illustrations have a classic era comics feel of Jack Kirby – Nick Fury, mixed in with war style pamphlet diagram and typography. The sideart is pretty crappy, but the rest of the cabinet is a home run. It would make for a fun restoration project regardless (that cabinet bottom is ratty) if the game play is as bad as most games from that era.

Other Mounted ‘Gun’ Arcade Games

There has been a long lineage of mounted gun games since then, Silent Scope is possibly one of the most popular. Probably not as cool as a solid metal Bazooka housing. Know of any other obscure classic games that used heavy artillery type controls? Leave a comment. Thanks to Rich and CJ for the story.

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This is way cool and cant wait to see it in action if Cj gets it up and running soon Ill try to get a video clip of it in action

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Please do that Rich, especially now that there is a remote possibility I could pick a Bazooka up for myself, I’d love to see it in action.

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I own the Taito version of that game: Cross Fire ( http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7443 )

It works but I still need to do a proper restoration on it.

It’s woodgrain on the sides and a different bezel though. I love the blacklight background and the flashing light on the back of the bazooka. Also the “reset high score” button is cool.

I used to play it as a kid so I was very happy to find one.

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Thanks Colin for the comment, I had not hear of / seen this game either. The cabinet isn’t as cool looking without graphics, but I do love the overlay backdrop – I couldn’t see one on the Bazooka…

You found yours local to you? Was it expensive, or pretty cheap? And working?

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I got it in a bulk deal including a few black & white games. The others were: Laguna Racer, Guided Missile, and M-4. Cross Fire is the only one that works. It could do with a cap kit but that’s all. There was also a Balloon Bomber but it had been converted to Jamma and the backdrop and mirror had been removed.

It was quite local. They were found in the garage of a guy who used to run a traveling arcade when he passed away, and it was a very good deal.

There were more games but they were damaged beyond repair, including a Kasco “The Driver” 16mm film driving game. You can see videos of that one here – http://www.flippers.com/TimeTravelWarehouse.html

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Bring a trailer when you visit in Oct. Pretty darn sure I saw one of these at that place I told you about. The one with all the old SEGA EM games.

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Oh snap. You don’t think you’ll find an excuse to head down there over the next six months?

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Wow, nice to see this game again! We used to play this game at the Jellystone Park Campground in Indian River,Michigan. It was one of the first video games I ever played (1975). There was another shooter game that had a periscope controller called Sea Wolf, and another very pong-ish type game that two people could play together…can’t remember the name…like two stick figure cowboys that shoot at each other from the sides of the screen. Ah, such fun!

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Thanks for the note. Is the last time you played the Bazooka in 1975? Or is that the first time you played it? The other game you are thinking of was called Gun Fight.

I am hoping that maybe I will own Bazooka by the end of the fall….

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Amazing! When I was young, I used to play this game whenever I was angry with any hard situation. That was 1978 or 1980.
Nice memories of learning how to deal with bad feelings.

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I found one of these and picked it up yesterday. The boards look clean, the monitor comes up to a white screen, but no sounds, except for the game sound it emits when you power it off. I hope to have it running soon. Folks in Indy can stop by and try it out when that time comes.

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Nice Luke, good for you. Glad you dropped a line.

Did you find it locally to Indianapolis? Have any photos to share…

If you get to the point where you are bored with it in the next 2-3 years, drop me another line, I would be interested to buy it.

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I didn’t take any pictures of it–it’s already in the repair shop. It looks almost as good as the one pictured in this discussion. I don’t think it will take much to get it going, the monitor fired up and it is surprisingly clean inside with the boards. The game was in western Illinois.

Interesting thing about the monitor is that there are overlays (stickers?) adhered to the monitor for all game-related information such as score, number of lives, etc.

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This Bazooka game reminds me a lot of another “shooting gallery”-style arcade classic I used to play back in the early 80s (at the roller rink no less…perfect location!). From what I can see here, the gameplay of Bazooka and my old game (sorry, not recalling a specific title) are very similar – basically using your weapon to shoot at tanks, trucks, jeeps and motorcycles as they zipped across the screen.

The two main differences were A) instead of a bazooka, you had a stylized replica of a WWII machine gun (similar heavy duty metal with army green finish), and B) instead of ambulances, the “do-not-shoot” vehicles had “UN” noted on the side.

No doubt, my version was just a slightly altered knock-off of Bazooka…does anyone happen to know what it might have been called?

Thanks for posting these pics…great looking game! (hope it can be brought back to life…)

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looks like a good cabinet, i hope it will get in action soon!
ps= anibody of you knows how the aim of the game works?
it shoots directly to the tanks, or it’s like “m79 ambush”?

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