Arcade Collectors

Spelman Barcade Party Indianapolis

This weekend, fellow arcade collector Robert / Brad Spelman (Madocowain) unveiled his brand new basement bar in style an arcade gaming party. Drinks were flowing, off key singing with Rock Band was plentiful, and the new arrangement of Brad’s awesome game collection saw a lot of play, especially the little ones played the upright games which was cool to see. (more…)

Tron & Battlezone 3D Animations

Surfing tonight to find a cool piece of coin-op arcade related information to post on the blog. Then I re-visited Peter Hirschberg’s website, which always sticks out in my mind as one of the better arcade collecting related designed websites. Peter works for AOL in VA and clearly has some money put into the video game collecting hobby.

He also has a desire to work in special effects in Hollywood. Here is a video from YouTube showing some amazing computer models of the classic arcade games Battlezone by Atari and Tron by Bally Midway. He does a flythrough of the details on these games, and it is pretty phenomenal if you have any familiarity with them.

Dig Dug Slot Machine

One of my friends and fellow local collectors here in Indianapolis, IN has a (Atari’s) Dig Dug slot machine. It is pretty wild, all of the colors, the whole presentation is like “BAM!” You can imagine seeing it in person, it plays little automated clips as well as the classic
coin operated Dig Dug music.

Dig Dug Slot Machine

I was looking for something arcade related to post about today, and came across this photo I took in April. I imagine these Dig Dug slot machines aren’t too common, and that is what sparked the idea to post this photo.

I would say this is the first in the series of “Collector Meetups – My Favorite Games“. Granted, this may or may not be a game. But it seems that with each video game, or arcade game collector I meet I learn about a classic game I had never heard before. Or in this case, some other rare arcade game oddity.

I may never post another one of these again. But who knows, if I need another idea, at least I have this arcade topic to turn to.