Food Fight

Food Fight Cabinet Sold

Earlier this week, I found an individual on Craigslist in Columbus Ohio who was interested in buying my Atari Food Fight cabinet. This is the second cabinet I have sold to someone in the Ohio area. I sold my Atari Xevious cabinet in February to another individual in Dayton Ohio. This is the cabinet that I got from Tim Hill in MI, who got the Food Fight for free from Robotron (klov forums) in the Detroit area. (more…)

Scrubbed off some more paint on the Food Fight

I was waiting for the Jr. Pac-man to arrive, so I took the time to rub off some more of the black paint from the Food Fight. I still don’t know what to do. Do I trash it? Do I try to get all the paint off and then sell it? Do I keep it at that point with all that work?

I can’t seem to sell it, so I will hang onto it for another 2-3 weekends, but soon after I may just throw it out. We’ll see how much paint stripping progress I make, and how much Food Fight artwork I reveal before that point.

Food Fight Marquee

Food Fight Cabinet

The third of four arcade cabinets I got today.

Once Tim posted this in his first group of arcade cabinets he was selling, I expressed an interest to him. In the past couple of months I have learned some things about the game, like it’s relation to Quantum and the low production numbers. I have always loved the shape of the cab and, of course, the colorful sideart as well. The gameplay is fun to boot, so until I found out the rarity I didn’t really realize the value of a Food Fight. (more…)