Tempest Sold!

It reminds me a little bit of my trip to Nashville.  That next weekend I sold off what I got.

Today I sold the Tempest cabinet for $50.  Not an outstanding price, but a fair price for someone and it helps it move.  I didn’t get that much attention in 12 hours, and it is going to someone who really loved the game growing up.  It sounds like this guy is going to make it into a Mame machine, but mostly preserve it.  He has some great woodworking skills, so he will probably do a little fixing on the cab and make it into a fun and great machine.

I am just glad it went to someone who wanted it.  I was getting tired thinking about tracking down parts and having my costs wrapped up in a game for over a year that I wasn’t sure I was going to keep.

I just wish I could have gotten scans of the sideart, or close up photos, but I ran out of time.  It’s all good though.

But I think it may be in my destiny to not have a Tempest.  I have had possession of two now (including the one I sold to Robert, a cabaret) and immediately resold them in a short time.

Tempest Arcade Cabinet

This Tempest cabinet is one of four I got today in my Frenzy trade.

Ever since I first met Tim Hill last December, we have been emailing about this Tempest cabinet. He said it was mine if I came and got it, but the cost of getting there with a borrowed truck or other transportation always outweighs the worth. It was empty, and just sitting around taking up space for him. So, we finally worked out this deal where I would trade him a non working but complete Stern Frenzy for Tetris, Tempest, Food Fight and Xevious cabinets. Hopefully it was a good deal for both of us but I think for me it is yet to be seen. However, he has been so helpful since I met him, and I got him a game he really wanted, so that makes me happy.

Here are some photos of the Tempest cab.

Tempest Cabinet Front AngledTempest Cabinet FrontTempest Cabinet Right SideTempest Cabinet Back

I decided on the way home today that I think I am going to sell it. The weight of having 7 cabs in my garage currently, and then the idea of tracking down all the parts for a game that I don’t feel strongly about got to me. Plus, it is the one cab that I hope can make back some of my travel costs.