Another poor converted Midway Mappy

It is a given, when you see a converted Mappy / Jr. Pac-man, the header is sawed off. I don’t know why, but I just love these cabinets because they are so distinct, so I can’t help but share when I find a new one. This time, Chris sent me this Craigslist ad for a Mortal ‘Combat’ 🙂 Mappy conversion for only $350 LOL. (more…)

Mappy cocktail artwork

Jeff Waldron was nice enough to save and give me some artwork he had laying around from a Mappy cocktail. I like Mappy quite a bit, (thank you Jakks TV Games) and enjoy the artwork so it is nice to have the cocktail glass underlay as well as two control panel overlays saved in case anyone ever wants to make reproductions or just needs scans for any reason. (more…)