How do I change the color of a section of text?

(InDesign 2.0 not CS 3.0) The swatches palette is not the most intuitive when coming from a vector program for changing vector graphics and text colors, fills, and strokes.

In order to change the color of text, make sure that in the swatches palette, you push the T button up to the left of the tint. This activates all of the colors to be used for fills and strokes of the text, which you can change the precedence of each by click the stacked icons for the open fill “T” and the closed fill “T”.

If you want to change the values of a vector object, just click the square next to the “T” to get back to the original options. They will default to vector editing, not text.

If you want to add new colors to your swatches, just like in other adobe palettes;

Go to the bottom of the palette and click the new swatch button.

You can then double click that swatch when listed and change the CMYK values, and give it a name.