Gameroom Design

Space Invaders decorative tiles to push your gameroom over the edge

Once you’ve hit the capacity on your gameroom, and your collection is set, one of the most engaging ways to stay involved in the collecting hobby is to start pimping out the home arcade with slick decorations. These specially cut metal tiles are just the cure, and cheap!

Space Invaders Ceiling Tiles


Arcade Gameroom Decorations

Got a comment last nice on one of my Pengo high score posts from a guy named Dave who runs a website called BrickPlayer. He wanted to show me some of his wall mountable arcade character art made out of flat legos, in this instance a mosaic of Pengo and a Sno-Bee with some Ice Blocks. Pretty simple idea, I checked out the website but I didn’t see a section to buy a kit just yet, and that might be good. I am not sure that this artwork for arcade gameroom decoration is a fully realized concept. (more…)