Mame cabinet side art – The options

In my heart, I am a die hard for authentic, original, dedicated classic arcade games. The artwork is a big reason why I love the games and a ton of reproduction artwork has been made over the years. But the market isn’t as strong as the options for Mame cabinet artwork. Mame appeals to a much broader audience among the homeowners, especially those looking to conserve space. Here are a couple of options for shops that will print custom mame side art. (more…)

Alohomora! Indianapolis based Dream Authentics locks up Harry Potter license

“Its new to me”, as NBC pitched it’s sitcom reruns. I heard over the weekend about a local company that makes custom arcade game cabinets (read aggregated emulator package) Dream Authentics landed a license to produce Harry Potter ‘pinhedz’. While not at all arcade related beyond the product division relation to the parent ‘DreamTrust Corp.’ I was happy to hear this news. (more…)