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This just in, popular ‘Mint’ arcade games CAN still be found

Found? More like tracked. Four years ago, nearly to the weekend, I was at a local Sherwin Williams picking up yellow paint to use on my newly acquired Pac-man arcade cabinet. With the backdoor in hand for color matching I met a girl who knew the significance of that piece of wood which started a dialog that led me to make some interesting finds. (more…)

Wroooaaarrrr! Sinistar say, Get me Jacket.

Two months in the making it was a clear weekend for a drive, but winter has hit and it is hardly the ideal temperatures to be moving classic arcade games from one truck to another. I said goodbye to the Bloomington Tron, and brought back ‘Deathstar’, or should I say…Sinistar.

Sinistar wrapped in the truck


The New Blue & Orange Burgertime DECO Cabinet

In August Chris stopped by and then left without taking his Burgertime DECO with him. Alright, I’ll keep it, but not in that big ugly woodgrain cabinet. As luck would have it, I left Saturday morning 6:30 to pick up a worthy replacement that will help that Burgertime fit right into my collection. (more…)

Got the Hyperball working

After a 10 day wait that saved me $5, my replacement interlock switch arrived at Meunier last Friday. I was glad I got off early to go pick it up, because when I popped it in my Hyperball worked just fine. (more…)

Problems still with my Hyperball pinball

This weekend Chris brought down a bunch of games and some other goodies, including a my Hyperball MPU and Driver boards. A tech friend that I trust that knows what he’s doing did a diagnostic on the boards and made sure they were working. But when we powered on the Hyperball machine hoping to go mad shooting 55 pinballs at high speed we still had some issues. I am trying to figure things out for myself and here are my thoughts so far. (more…)

Tracing stenciled arcade artwork with vellum

The problem with reproducing arcade cabinet artwork always starts with proximity to the game. Scanning a cabinet is a ton of work, and when combining the stitching in Photoshop of all of the pieces, you might be looking at 6-12 hours on that task alone. The nice thing with stenciled artwork is that the design is usually highly refined and more simplistic, which means it is easier to do a tracing to get the artwork to a workable format. Here are some visuals. (more…)

Looking for photos of a DECO Burgertime

I posted at Coinopspace.com and BYOAC’s forums looking to see if anyone has ever seen a DECO Burgertime in the wild with sideart. (more…)