Johnny Carson (1925-2005)

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I know that I am a month late on this one, but, tough cookies.

Host from the late show from 1962-1992, Johnny Carson invented interest in late night talk shows.

Johnny had quite a storied background, from serving in the Navy in World War II, to ventriloquism and a radio announcer. Private and reserved, Carson kept his private life private, except for the announcement in 2002 that he was suffering from Lung Cancer due to a lifetime of smoking.

I never saw any of his shows, but just from what I hear, he was a great talent to miss.

The Desperate Housewives

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Now, to contrast The Simpsons, The Desperate Housewives is a whole different monster.

I will admit that I checked this show out on a recommendation from a friend because of all of the attractive women. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t think that any of them were all “that” and the show was so freakin stupid, I understand why the American public likes a show like this.

I don’t know exactly what the basic premise of the show is other then exactly what the title says. It is four women who are either married, separated, or single and their escapades in landing men from the same pool around the block.

I used to have a real thing for Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane on Superman, but that was a long time ago. I could hardly look past the stupid narration that carries over throughout the show, a “inside” look of sorts into what each of the women is thinking. Duh. It needs narration to explain the plot as much as 90210 or Melrose Place did.

Here is my suggestion judging from the cross section of popular shows right now. Maybe throw in a gay home decorator that likes to hug people to play the devil’s advocate for one of the women and keeps the house on the side. Maybe make some of the women eat hagus with dead flies wrapped in a skin casing as a contest to win one of the men. Or, change one of the girls into a really smart forensics / doctoral type that keeps trying to diagnosis the other characters, or wanders aimlessly through the plots investigating animals murders.

But it is a successful show, and probably be for the standard smut show lifetime of 4-6 years, so until then, everyone will have to deal.

The season premiere of the Simpsons on Fox.

Rotheblog Entertainment Simpsons

Last week the historic 16th season of the Simpsons kicked off with the Treehouse of Horror. Always known to be a little offbeat, and really out of context with the rest of the Simpsons world, the Treehouse of Horror’s are hardly my favorite.

There were some lines from the preview that were really funny like when Homer is roasting in a pan waiting for the aliens to eat him. Bart says, “Am I the only one in pain here?” and Homer replies as he takes another bite out of his own arm, “Noooo, but your the only one who won’t shut up about it.”

Tonight is the season premiere, and contrary to my mother’s early childhood wishes, I am going to sit down and watch it. I can still remember talking to my parents about the Simpsons when it came out so long ago. We were taking a walk with the dog, and I was telling her about how one of my friends got to watch the show, and how they said swear words in the show. At the time that was really shocking, and my parents being the conservatives that they are, of course said “No Way Hose!” (With some good reason).

But Simpsons has stood the test of time and has set the bar for tongue in cheek humor. For those of you out there that don’t like the show, it is either because you are too conservative to allow that part of your to admit that it is a funny show and it has proven itself 16 seasons over, or, you think Chevy Chase is funny and well, that is a whole different brand of humor. You can laugh as Chevy gets into another precarious situation with a Christmas tree or his peculiar brother, and I will instead watch a tv show that will be remembered much longer.

The season premiere of the OC on Fox.

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At the end of last season, I swore I was going to cut down on the TV, and this was the perfect show to cut out. The racy stories, the unbelievable situations, and the unrealistic nonchalant attitude that most of the characters have the day after something life altering happens were all things I figured I could do without. A modern day 90210, it’s really a crappy show.

But there I was on the couch watching on Thursday night for the premiere, instead taping Joey.

The main thing I wanted to see was what happened with Seth Cohen, because at the end of last season when he was upset that Ryan was leaving, he took off sailing, leaving his prize girlfriend behind and all the progress he had made into a cool new life behind.

The season opens with him angry and upset at this parents, and he is living with Luke and his gay dad in Portland. Ryan is in Chino with this bombshell brunette from last year plodding through waiting for his baby. And Marissa, has gotten sexier, now she’s a drunk with more problems then a middle eastern country.

By the end of the episode, Ryan is tricked into believing his baby has died, clearing way for him and Seth to return to the OC.

Will I continue to watch? I am going to try not to. But as Britney Spears is living proof, you don’t have to have a good product just know how to sell it. It’s kind of like Volcano insurance…

The Batman (WB)

Rotheblog Entertainment The Batman
I finally was up early enough on Saturday to see the fourth incarnation of Batman since the initial cartoon run that started in 1992, another great addition to the Batman mythology.

First “Batman the animated series” then “Batman and Robin” and the futuristic version, “Batman Beyond” now “The Batman”.

With a young Bruce Wayne and re-envisioned villains that are more stylized to a generation of viewers who probably already know the main villains, the intro struck me as one of the coolest parts. With a sweet guitar riff, it seemed much more fitting then the original series almost saying, “If Batman wanted an intro, he would want an ear bleeding guitar riff with no words.”

Saturday Night Live Season Preview

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Everyone has been saying that SNL has been dying a long death for about 10 years now ever since Molly Shannon started smelling her armpits and that was considered funny. But I continue to watch it every season. You know why? I regret not ever watching it in the really good days with Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, David Spade, and the list goes on and on.

I hope and pray that I am going to be around for that really original actor that makes it big and I can say I saw them when.

Admittedly, I love the political sketches that have become to saving grace and trademark of SNL all at once, thank you Darryl Hammond.
The season opener was riddled with them, from a spoof on the recent laughable “debate” between the presidential candidates, to Darryl Hammonds hilarious appearance as Bill Clinton in a sketch with Seth Myers Senator Kerry.

But there is so much crap to wade through from “Debbie Downer” to the new weekend update.

Which that is a whole other topic. When the last episode aired last year with Jimmy Fallon signing out on weekend update, I thought he wasn’t going to do it anymore, but still be on SNL. The show started, and two sketches in, I realized he isn’t on at all anymore. That explains his logical movie premiere with a woman that is equally annoying in Queen Latifah and “Taxi” this summer.

Weekend update had this cool dynamic between Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey with this broken relationship, but now Amy Poehler is the other
weekend update correspondent and it seems like some sort of visit into a conversation between some prep girls in a high school bathroom. I really like Tina Fey so I hope this gets better.

The first show had it’s highlights, with Ben Affleck taking more shots at himself from the “Bennifer” era, to Alec Baldwin’s appearance and shot at Affleck for stealing his moves and being on the show more frequently then Ken Griffey Jr. is on the DL.

With the same recycled humor and only one new cast member, I don’t think this will be that special year. maybe after this year if Chris Parnell and Horatio Sanz leave the new crop of members will have an original spark. But don’t count on it.

Conan to replace Leno

I heard on the radio today that Conan O’Brien is the announced successor to Jay Leno when he retires in 2009. I love Conan, and can hardly envision him in that role of Late Night host. But talk about over hyped, it was all over the TV tonight. It’s five years! They interviewed everyone from Mrs. Brady to Conan’s socks. What can ya do, that’s Hollywood.