Video of Owen Rubin and “Kermit” – Atari’s Robot Pet

Stumbled across this video tonight with Owen Rubin, creator of Major Havoc and a number of other famous Atari games, talking about ‘Kermit’ the electronic pet that was way ahead of its time. This video really doesn’t have any classic arcade information in it other than Owen’s general connection arcade lore, but there were some references that came out during the live chat with Owen on Coinopspace about ‘Kermit’ that I had to at least watch a little bit. (more…)

A.P.B Sideart, CPO & Marquee Reproductions

I almost missed this a day ago, but Steven P. posted on preview image of his vectorization / reproduction progress on A.P.B artwork. For over a year he’s been consistently working on the details of the control panel overlay, marquee and sideart. A tremendous undertaking, here is one of those preview images from the thread. (more…)

Artwork for the A.P.B. seat – A simple but rare item

Late last night Francis gave me a ring and asked if I could do my vector magic on the decals that go on the seat sides of an A.P.B. arcade game. I’m not too familiar with the game, and just assumed the artwork was complex enough that I wouldn’t be able to look at it until May, when classes were done. The artwork was extremely simple, however, and in an hour I was done. (more…)

Free Major Havoc level editor

Late last month, right around the time of the Owen Rubin live chat at Coinopspace I had written a post about Jess Askey announcing that he was going to make a free level editor for Atari’s Major Havoc that would allow the average user to drag and drop elements in a graphical interface to create their own stages that could then be taken and burned onto ROMs. In case you missed it, Jess quitely released his editor and one level has been made. (more…)

Reproduction Star Wars Yoke Overlays – Why the colors are so difficult

Around late September 2008 Rich at This Old Game got films from Scott Evans (owned of a good chunk of original Atari production films) for the Star Wars cockpit artwork. As far as I know, only the control panel overlays and the yoke have been reproduced in some larger quantities over the years. However, the yoke seems to be of particular interest because of the poor comparison quality of previous reproductions. If there’s one guy that has the skill, and the trust of collectors to print revisions until every detail is right, it’s Rich Lint. Here’s what is going on with this project so far. (more…)

Photos of the Star Wars Cockpit artwork films

As I write a separate post on the Star Wars Yoke overlay, I figured I might be best served to break out these photos into a separate, short post.

All of the pieces of artwork for the coveted Atari cockpit are here inside and out, including the scaled down artwork for the side of the cabinet and the marquee backglass. I don’t see the piece for Darth Vader, the largest piece of artwork for the cockpit, but I’m sure it’s there. (more…)

Prototype Paperboy lands in Ataricade

Three weeks ago it was a rare Red Baron prototype, and once again hard work and persistence pays off. The second of two known Paperboy prototypes is snatched up by Francis over at Ataricade. Delivered to his doorstep the biggest decision really became, what has to go? (more…)