Another Rare Mr. Do! Bezel on ebay

The second in a little over six months, here is another one of the rare artwork Mr. Do! bezels on ebay. This bezel appears to be in better condition than the Mr. Do! bezel I got back in late July of 2007 for $13 ($12 of which was shipping).

I could care less about an NOS Mr. Do! variant marquee, the marquee that actually goes with the white sideart Mr. Do!. I would like to have this version, but I would take one that is used, I would actually prefer it that way. Then there is no decision about keeping the marquee as a New Old Stock piece of artwork or not.

Mr. Do! Bezel Marquee Front
Mr. Do! Bezel Marquee Back
Mr. Do! NOS Marquee

Hard to justify buying the two pieces of Mr. Do! artwork. With a starting bid of $19.99 and $20 shipping, a best case scenario o f $40 to have a duplicate, but better condition bezel with the marquee….it would be nice to have, but I would have to find a buyer for my other bezel first to rationalize that in my mind. Either way, I’ll be watching it:)

Sega Pengo Bezel Vectoring Finished!

I thought for sure over Christmas break I would be able to crank through vectorizing one piece of Pengo artwork per day, and by the end I would have every single piece of Pengo artwork in a nice Illustrator file ready for reproductions. Time for working on classic arcade artwork was not easy to come by however.

I did manage to finish vectorizing the Pengo bezel….for now. I haven’t included the dot pattern, and I also still need to scan in the inner portions of the bezel that fold into the monitor and add those vector pieces to the complete artwork. But here is a small image of the finished piece, Sno-Bees and all.

Sega Pengo Bezel Vector Progress 1

Over the past two nights I have made some progress vectorizing the Pengo Bezel for reproductions. Here is an image of the vector progress so far;

Pengo Bezel Vector Artwork Progress 1

As you can see, I pretty much have the background ice Pengo landscape finished. The artwork is pretty simple, but there is a halftone pattern over the blue to white gradient that I haven’t done yet. All that is left now is to trace the Sno-Bees and Pengo himself. I would imagine I would start with Pengo and work out from there. Hopefully I will be able to finish this piece of artwork right after Christmas to add it to the list of completed artwork for the Pengo reproductions.

Atari’s I, Robot Monitor Bezel Sticker Reproductions

Atari I, Robot Decals / Sticker Bezel ArtworkI came across this morning, Bret Pherson’s website about his arcade games. Apparently he reproduced I, Robot monitor bezel stickers / bezel decals / bezel artwork, whatever you want to call them. He did both versions of the self adhesive bezel sticker, one was yellow and red, and the other bezel sticker was blue, red, and yellow, measuring 5-1/8″ x 15-1/4″. Visit Bret’s writeup and website here.

I am sure most collectors know about this I, Robot artwork, the reproductions sold out. I would expect as much if Bret was the first person to ever do “I, Robot” reproduction artwork. But there were only so many Atari I, Robot machines made if you base the demand solely on collectors who would apply the artwork. I would guess if another run of artwork was done, more arcade collectors would buy it just to have it. But it is good to know that Bret has the artwork if he ever wants to do another run of I, Robot decals.

Now I wonder, what other pieces of the artwork for I, Robot have been reproduced? Does any other collector out there know? Do you have any links to sites?

Moon Patrol Bezel Reproductions

Moon Patrol Bezel Reproduction Artwork
I had to give a shout out to Jamie and his “Noise Land Arcade” who is in the final stages of making some reproduction bezels for the classic arcade game Moon Patrol. Jamie started this project because he could never seem to find a bezel in good condition.

The vector artwork on the Moon Patrol bezel was pretty straightforward, but the lightning type pattern in the background night sky was the real achievement. Jamie separated out the vector pieces and the raster pieces and worked on them separately. The raster artwork on the bezel was intense, I don’t know how he struggled through touching that up to a point where the Moon Patrol bezel could be reprinted, but he did an awesome job. Here is what he says on his website;

I’m getting very close to finishing my Moon Patrol restoration. I got the cabinet back in December of 2006. Since then I have been looking for a decent bezel on eBay, and was having a hard time finding one. They just don’t seem to turn up for some reason. I finally found one recently, which was in horrible condition.

I contacted Rich from He makes great repro art for Space Invaders, Burgertime, and other games. He said he would reproduce these if I can get him a good vector drawing of it! So, I’m now in the process of working on the redraw/cleanup for this using Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s coming along good so far.

Above is a larger view of the whole completed Moon Patrol bezel, and here is a smaller view showing the detail put into both the vector and raster portions.

Moon Patrol Bezel Reproduction Artwork

Good job Jamie. Can’t wait to see the final product. Rich at This Old Game is doing the repros. Knowing his great work, I am sure they are going to be great. I can only imagine there are a ton of other collectors out there with their partially completed Moon Patrols who are going to be geeked to get one of these

Photo of Mr. Do! Bezel I won on ebay

Before I left for vacation I heard back from Mark, and we emailed a couple of times.

First, he did indeed end up selling his Mr. Do about 5 years ago he said, which would have been about the time he was posting looking for that bezel in the Google Groups. He said that he sold it to a couple he thought, and was remembering for some reason that they may have resold it soon after that. He offered to look through his old email to see if he could find some contact information for them. So that is very exciting.

Also….I have heard in the past that if you wait long enough you will eventually see something come back up on ebay again if you missed it the first time. Well, there was no first time that I missed it, but the White Mr. Do Bezel came up for sale under a “miscellaneous” title on ebay a couple weeks ago. I was in contact with another guy who does Mame stuff and we were going to get it either way between the two of us. Well, I bid and no one else did, I got the stupid thing for a $1. Of course there was $12 shipping, but still pretty cheap for something I wanted that bad.

I had it waiting for me when I got back from vacation, the colors look really good. There are some scratches which you couldn’t see in the auction, and it does have a small chunk missing at the bottom and some cracks / melted spots, but I don’t care. I wanted it to have it, and I knew I could use it to complete the bezel tracing that I needed to do! Here is a photo of it.

Mr. Do White Version Bezel