Hey hey, Klov forums got an upgrade

Over the last couple of weeks it felt like it was actually going to happen and today the Klov forums finally got an upgrade bringing their forum technology out of 1999 into modern day functionality. This is a pretty significant change, and I applaud Mark M. for what was a tremendous amount of work. Are the forums better though, here’s what I think. (more…)

No ads for a year at CoinOpSpace.com – Arcade Game Forum

Just a short note, and an exciting note I’ve been early awaiting to announce since last week.

We have a donor that offered to pay the first year of ad removal from CoinOpSpace.com – Arcade Game Forum. Awesome and generous donation, but one that speaks for the commitment to this MySpace like Social Network to take off.

CoinOpSpace.com Logo


Klov vs. CoinOpSpace (Ning) Round 4 – Directly upload images

At the Klov.com forums, if you want to show an image in a post, you have to host it somewhere externally. This means, if you don’t pay for webspace, you have to sign up for a Photobucket account, or some other online storage and link to an image externally. This also means you have to fuddle with BB Code (Stupid version of HTML, why not just use HTML?) and you also may have to do some resizing.

I don’t know if this was purposeful, to save space on the server. That would make sense. But based on how truly crappy UBBThreads is as a forum software my guess is that this is default MO. At CoinOpSpace – My arcade forum and social network, you click a button to upload a photo, and you’re done. The way mom intended it. (more…)

Klov vs. Ning Round 3 – Built in PMs and Email

Last week we looked at a couple of value added time saving aspects of why the Ning arcade game forums / social community is so much better than the klov forums. Today we’re going to look at a small feature of Ning that although it might be concentrating too much on the minutia, the built in communication systems in Ning will save you time and keep your communication consistent. (more…)

Ning vs. Klov Round 1 – Usernames

The Klov arcade game forums suck for usability, and don’t take advantage of many of the modern ideas for managing discussions online.

Here is one way that Ning social communities totally blows the Klov forums (hosted at forums.webmagic.com) out of the water for managing your profile – your username. (more…)

UPL Depth Charge for sale on Craigslist Kentwood, MI

A Depth Charge classic arcade machine came up for sale yesterday on Craigslist in Kentwood, MI.

“This is an old full size arcade Depth Charge video game. It is fully functional and ready to use. asking $225. 616-538-6060”

UPL Depth Charge on Craigslist
I didn’t have any familiarity with this game, so I went and checked it out on Klov. Depth Charge looks like a cool old machine, (check out the photo below) made in 1977, so five years after Pong debuted, but I thought it was interesting that Depth Charge has some sideart. I see a lot of these 70’s machines that have the wood grain sides, that was probably a style choice at the time, or maybe an artwork production choice, I don’t know.

Depth Charge was made by UPL, who I didn’t think I had heard of. I scanned through the list of classic games that they produced, the only one I recognized was Carnival.

UPL Depth Charge Photo from Klov
I know if I had limitless space, a game like Depth Charge would be appealing to me. I don’t know the history of this game on Craigslist, but it looks as if it is in a office space, or an auction house. Either way, I can’t believe that the owner really knows it’s value or historical significance. I am sure the entertainment value on this game is minimal based on the age, but to preserve a classic arcade of this age has some interest to me.

There are also some economics involved. Surely there weren’t many Depth Charge machines made, and there probably aren’t that many left. But have the larger populous of collectors heard of this game, or want it in their collection? Probably not. Will they get $225 for this Depth Charge? Possibly depending on condition. The fact that the game works it huge. But more than likely they will not get the full asking price, and the person that buys the game may or may not be a collector with a passion. But if you look at the supply and demand of games for collectors, there are some funny trends. Not all rare games are collectible because of the quantities produced. But the larger the quantities, the greater the availability driving the prices down. But that is neither here nor there.

If the Depth Charge is still available when I visit Michigan later this month, I may go and take a look at it. I don’t have the room, but I would like to at least experience it, because it is a rare find, especially for Craigslist.

Circus Charlie Sideart on ebay

A friend brought this post on the klov forums to my attention. He knew that I had started to do some vector work on some Circus Charlie sideart. What the hell though, seriously! Why did this guy destroy multiple machines to scrap off old sideart?

This is original side art set off the video game Circus Charlie. It is fairly good condition. It was peeled off the cabinet and still has some adhesive backing.

Circus Charlie Sideart for sale on ebay

The one side could probably still be scanned in and used as great reference. But I know that I am not paying much for this sideart, already the initial bid with shipping is a little high for my tastes. The Circus Charlie sideart project is a fun one, but not for a coin-op machine of my own. I’ll just have to watch it. If the sideart doesn’t sell, maybe the seller will come down in initial price.