Having a beer with Johnson’s

Tonight was a crazy night. I had to work late to hit a deadline, and that meant that Sarah had to stay at school until 6:30 for the musical. She had the longer day of the two of us. From there she went out with the faculty for a low key get together. I came home.

When I got home, I took the dog on a walk, made myself some dinner, and hung out with Nokes since he was alone in his crate so long today, and a cople of days this week.

I got in about a half an hour of studying, and Sarah called. Johnson’s were going to drop her off from Southport. They stopped in a visited for a little bit, Paul and I had a beer (only one for me because I intended to get back to studying). But by the time we wrapped things up, it was about 11, and both Sarah and I were exhausted. Tomorrow should be better for studying, we have most of the day open.

Thift Sale and Getting Sick

Wes and Kate stayed over, so we had breakfast together, egg mcmuffins. Sarah and Kate went up almost to the northside for a large thift type sale at a church. Since it was so close to the northside, we knew there would be awesome sales on stuff from the upper crust cast offs.

Soon after breakfast, I didn’t feel so good. I got some sort of 6 hour flu. Until the early afternoon I felt dizzy and weak, all I could do was sleep and watch tv.

Sarah got back just about the time I started to feel better. They made out like bandits, I also got some really nice suits for $20. Sarah got some shirts for me, some jeans, an awesome Pineapple slicer for a couple of bucks (regular $20 on QVC) and a cheap paraffin bath ($5, regulary $50).

Now that I was moving around, I continued the plans I had for the rest of the afternoon. I headed up to Robert’s to pick up that switching power supply for the Tetris and we hung out and chatted for a couple of hours.

When I got home, we had a quick dinner and then took Nokes out for a walk.

I don’t remember what I did for the rest of the night. I know I relaxed, watched some tv, messed around on the computer and played some arcade games. I know I never did get to my studying which stunk. But tomorrow I will be better.

Nokes jumped the couch!

Last night I am in the game / guest room playing my Jr. Pac-man, and Sarah is in the downstairs living room playing with Nokes. All of a sudden she is laughing hysterically.

I ask her what he did, and she said I had to come out and check this out. She told Nokes to stay by me, and then ran to the other side of the couch and called him. He went trotting around to her and I had no idea what the big deal was. Then she ran quickly over to me and he jumped up on the couch back over, face first into the cushions and then down onto the floor. When she ran back, he jumped it again, this time starting out easier on the cushions and over the back down the long drop.

Not a good thing to be teaching him, and not good on his body either, but really cute and hilarious.

He is our lovable chunk. We weighed him for the first time in a long time, not figuring he weighed that much more from when he was 35lbs. Well, he clocked in at 66-67 lbs! We both couldn’t believe it, and are both a little worried. We usually walk him 3-4 times a week on the off gym days so we thought he was getting enough exercise, but apparently not. The weight just seems really high, and affects some other things like…how much we feed him, his flea medication, etc. etc.

Sarah is going to try to get him to the vet in her days off this week to see if he is overweight or what the deal is. He is one heavy puppy

Nokes does love me…

On my two days off last week, Nokes and I got to go on walks in the morning before I started my day. It was nice to not feel so rushed to fit so much stuff in, and be able to take time to appreciate the small stuff like spending time with our Noksie.

But even those nights, I was up later than Sarah, and both of those nights Nokes came downstairs and laid down in my office until I went to bed. Sometimes I forget that he even likes me because of all the attention Sarah gets, but on days like these I remember.

I had another thought yesterday. Whenever we have a wet dew, Nokes doesn’t really like to go out, doesn’t like getting his sissy paws wet. But when Mimi is out, he’ll go out anyway. But then he’ll come inside and do crazy dog, sprinting up and down the hallways as many as 6 times back and forth. I wonder if it is to dry off his paws. Towards the tail end he’ll start jumping on me and growling, which really sucks in shorts, but I had my thick bathrobe on and it hangs really low, so I let him go to town. “Do your worst you crazy clawed furball”, so it was fun to play rough without too much worry of getting shredded.