Bringing back the “Arcade away from home” Part 1

Somehow in the span of a month I managed to double the size of my arcade, the only problem was all of the machines were in Chicago. In March and April I found a Mad Planets for $50, my white Mr. Do! and another game that I hope to be sharing about by Sunday and somehow I had to get them back home. (more…)

Fun arcade / console game themed illustrations

I was doing some searching on Flickr about a week and a half ago for some photos of arcade machine or two and stumbled across this fun illustration of Pac-man mowing through a ghost. You haven’t seen anything quite like this before. (more…)

Finally got my ‘White’ Mr. Do!

In the midst of all of the craziness, a couple weeks ago one of those bootleg like white Mr. Do! machines came up for sale in the Chicago area! I have only heard or seen these Mr. Do! cabinets in New York, or in Massachusetts (and one in California that was hauled back many miles) so to see one come up on eBay for a relatively cheap price I knew it was now or never. (more…)

Lawnmowerman Pac-man website online

For those collectors who recognize the name, is now hosting the Pac-man information that was at the Lawnmowerman website that disappeared a couple of months back. For those of you visitors that just stumbled onto this post and don’t recognize that website, know that so much information you might need to troubleshoot, fix and restore your Pac-man was compiled on this website. It was so important to save this site from disappearing forever, and fortunately we have that opportunity. (more…)

Pinball Expo 2008 Super Auctions Notes

It’s late and I am beat after a 5:45 start to the day. But I thought I would post a short note now that it is 2:15 am about some of the arcade game results from the Super Auction at Pinball Expo 2008.

Pinball Expo 2008


Small lot of arcade cabinets for sale

I’ve been in contact on and off with an individual in the area that has a small cache of arcade cabinets for sale. They moved out of the area, so coordinating with them has been difficult over the past two years. But I finally got some photos of what empty cabinets they have, four in total and three of them are Midway cabinets that were probably Pac-mans or Galagas at one time.

Indianapolis Arcade Cabinets For SAle


Request for photos of Two-Bits Pac-man artwork

Continuing on with arcade artwork comparisons and reviews, I am looking for photos of any piece of reproduction Pac-man artwork that you have bought from Two-Bits. Here are some ideas of artwork that I am looking for;

  • Pac-man Cabaret – Marquee, control panel overlay, monitor bezel
  • Pac-man Cocktail – Glass underlay, control panel overlays
  • Pac-man Upright – Marquee, control panel overlays, kickplate, sideart, monitor bezel glass