“Arcade away from home” Part 5 – Heading Home

The hope was that the worst days of my Chicago trip were behind us. Yesterday the truck had broken down with the games in the back, in the rain. We got it towed, but the dealership closed before we could get some answers and for all we knew, we might be in South Bend until Wednesday. Fortunately, that didn’t materialize. (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 4 – Smoke and Rain

In part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my story about picking up a couple of games in Chicago, everything had generally went well. I had some problems getting into town, some more expenses than expected and a hiccup on the way home from St. Louis but it seemed as though things were going fine. It didn’t end up that way… (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 3 – HUO Pengo!

Trust me, I’ve been itching to talk about this for over two months. A Home Use Only Pengo in awesome condition that plays blind. By the end of the trip, things certainly didn’t turn out the best, but the Pengo did make it back regardless. (more…)

Cheap Pengo in Charlevoix Michigan

Not sure if this one has hit many arcade game collector’s radars or not, probably because this Craigslist listing was filed under games / toys which is not as typical. For $200 you can get yourself a working Pengo if you are in Northern Michigan. (more…)

Reproducing Control Panel Artwork – Control Placement

Looking to reproduce control panel artwork for your favorite arcade game? Here is a tip in regards to dimensions that can potentially remove a step or two in your reproduction process and it’s all about finding button hole placement. (more…)

Differences in Pengo cabinet artwork

I have had a number of questions here at Rotheblog about the different pieces of Pengo artwork, and a lot of the comments make logical guesses as to which set of marquee, cpo, bezel and sideart go together. Well, I sat down and took a closer look at the artwork and these are my thoughts on the two different version of Pengo artwork. (more…)

Pengo Bezel Color Separations

I’ve been in one mind set for the last couple of days since I finished the Atari Football sideart and Mappy kickplate artwork, so today I just went ahead and did the color separations on the Pengo bezel artwork file. (more…)