Williams Parts Folder Cover

I had referenced this item as one of many in an old operator’s box of paper, but I wanted to show it off because I thought it was a particularly nice design. The operator used the folder to store mostly flyers and some interesting notes about sales forecasting and probabilities of profits on certain machines. (more…)

“Arcade away from home” Part 3 – HUO Pengo!

Trust me, I’ve been itching to talk about this for over two months. A Home Use Only Pengo in awesome condition that plays blind. By the end of the trip, things certainly didn’t turn out the best, but the Pengo did make it back regardless. (more…)

Second Robotron cabaret prototype found in Illinois!

Last night Chris got to see a Robotron prototype in a cabaret cabinet. That was 12 hours ago, I called to check on the Mad Planets I bought for $50 and he told me that the game was being wheeled out. I was so starstruck that I was getting that Gottlieb classic for $50 that it has taken some simmering to really realize the big story that is this Robotron prototype. Granted, it took a little research, but now that I know that this Robotron is quoted as one of two that exist from Eugene Jarvis himself, I know this is a huge deal! (more…)

Reproduction Smash TV control panel overlay artwork

Big fan of Smash TV? I will say that I am a pretty big fan of the cabinet artwork, even though the gameplay isn’t my cup of tea. After a year of patiently waiting and revising, Mamemarquees.com just finished color matching the artwork for the Smash TV reproduction control panel overlays and they are now ready for sale. (more…)

Stencils to restore your Williams Bubbles arcade game coming soon?

That is something that was mentioned in passing tonight on CoinOpSpace.com. Rick Ford said that he will be getting some vellum after Rich at This Old Game.com showed collectors that it is possible to manually trace (with a pencil) artwork on the side of a cabinet. Every collector wants to do it all so let’s hope that Rick follows through if not now sometime in early spring. (more…)

Old Joystik ‘Innerview’ – Eugene Jarvis – Creator of Robotron, Defender and Stargate

Originally published in Joystik September, 1982, here is an interview – or ‘innerview’ with one of the famous arcade game creators of that era Eugene Jarvis. These magazines are available online at a couple of different website, but they are not searchable text. If you’ve never read this article, hopefully you will find it interesting to hear Eugene talk about his philosophies on games as well as some insights into his creator owned game studio Viz-Kids. (more…)

Artwork Engraved Arcade Keychains

Brian Jones (Oleszak Creative) has a new pet project. He is fabricating aluminum keychains from raw materials and then laser engraving them with original arcade game artwork! How cool is that? (more…)