Jr. Pac-man marquee vectoring started!

The Jr. Pac-man marquee is much more than started, I am about three days worth of work in (Visit KLOV for my forum topic). I did the little ground hog first with the bird, then the paint cans and then the grass. I feel like I have done some of the more complicated stuff on the marquee first, or at least I hope so. This Jr. Pac-man piece of vector artwork has been a lot of work so far.

Jr. Pac-man Marquee Vector Artwork Progress

(This is the oversize marquee for the original game, like I have, not the condensed version that was in the conversion kits.)

The parts that have been a challenge so far has been, the color variations in the grass and the faded red on the paint bucket. My red was so faded that I could barely seen the manilla color differentiations on the white can. I did a best guess for now, and will check my work later. It is easy enough to change in this format.

I hope to do a little more later this week, but we’ll see. The end of the week is shaping up to be busy for a change.

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looking to get a file of the super pac man side art

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I responded to your email, but I am confused as to what it is you want. Do you want Super Pac-man sideart, or Jr. Pac-man sideart?

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