New Addition: Strato-Flite Pinball

Indianapolis is not known to be a hotbed for pinball, in my 8 years of casual arcade collecting, I have only owned a handful of pinball machines. However, a couple of weeks ago I got an opportunity to pick up a machine just outside of Bloomington, IN. (more…)

A newly minted pinball collector

About a month and a half of storage is about my max now-adays for any coin-op machine that I don’t plan to keep. I picked up that New World pinball in Indianapolis back the first week of April. This past weekend I sold that pinball machine to guy in Rockford, IL for which I can only say – it’s never to late to be bitten by the bug 🙂 (more…)

Picked up a new pinball from Spain.

Just drove right over, 80 hours one way, car is still a little water logged. All in a day’s work to pick up a New World pinball by Playmatic. (more…)

Have you met my friend Ted?…err, Herb

Oh, and Herb and I aren’t ‘friends’, no more than just connection ‘friends’ on Facebook. I hadn’t heard Herb Silvers name until a week or so ago when the Lock Ness pinball machine sold for over $20,000 on eBay and it was casually mentioned that Herb was a previous owner. It appears Herb has built completely custom pinball machines, is an expert enthusiast, and he has a killer photo album on Facebook of prototype and rare pinball machines that is a must see. (more…)

Loch Ness sighted briefly, then gone

RGP has been all abuzz about the single Game Plan Loch Ness Monster pinball machine that has come up for sale on eBay. The auction ended this week, just in time for the recession at a every man’s price of $20,327.27! Check out the photos, the eBay auction screen, and a few more tidbits that I found when poking around for more info. (more…)

Pinball Expo 2009 – Enjoyed seeing a couple of unique machines

Couple of weeks ago already was Pinball Expo 2009. I wasn’t going to go even though I had fun at Expo 2008, but I got a friend interested so we headed up. I know the group I went with left with a feeling as if this show wasn’t as good as last year. But there were a couple of pins there that I hadn’t seen before and without doing a ton of research, I know you wouldn’t see every day. (more…)

The ‘almost’ Craigslist $35 cocktail deal

The morning routine – Oatmeal, juice, email and then Craigslist. I sat down at about 7:30 yesterday and saw a listing for an ‘old table game non working’ that was posted the night prior just after 10pm. At the worst I figured it could be a Sega cocktail cabinet with those ugly metal legs. But, ‘worst’ ended up being a relative term. (more…)